How To Make Paper Fortune Cookies

Collection of cookie cutters

When ill-luck often gets in your way, it is time to foretell the future by making your very own paper fortune cookies. You do not need an oven or good baking skills. Unlike a real fortune cookie, you cannot eat the paper fortune cookies but they do much to accentuate the table. Instead of table settings of glassware and silverware, you can decorate the table with small bowls of paper fortune cookies and chopsticks and chinaware.

All you need are scissors, decorative paper, ribbon, metallic marker, glue and bowl or other circuits to use as template. Start cutting out your fortune cookies by following these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Choose a paper and accentuate. Be certain that the design and patterns fit the occasion. Take the decorative paper, add scents, confetti or glitter.
  2. Draw circles. Place a bowl on the paper and trace a circle. Other templates can do as you long as can make perfect circles. The size of the circle determines the size of the fortune cookies you are going to make. Then trace as many circles on the decorative paper.
  3. Cut and fold. Cut out the circles one by one. Roll or fold the circle into halves but do not crease. Dot a drop of glue on the insides to keep the loose edges in place. Be certain that the patterned sides are seen from the outside.
  4. Write fortunes. Compose fortunes on the paper strips using a metallic marker. Do not attempt to foretell a bad omen, predict doom or ill-luck against the reader as this might ruin his day. Rather, make fictitious prophecies and positive lucks that may brighten up his mood. Use flirting messages or gregarious remarks. Get some funny fortune cookie messages from the Internet. Key in “funny fortune cookie messages” without the quotes on any search engine of your choice and hit enter. You’ll get smiling faces as they read the cookies. For an alternative, you can use sayings, mottoes, greetings, thank you, good wishes, advice or any message you like. Insert the strips into the open ends of the paper fortune cookies.
  5. Close the fortune cookie. Close the fortune cookie by holding both ends of the halves together. Fold together but do not crease. Dot glue where both ends meet to stay in place. Repeat until you had many cookies as you like. It’s good to cut some extra in case you have many guests.

If your guests hesitate to open your too-pretty-to-open cookies thinking it might spoil them, add ribbons. Pulling the ribbons can release the fortune strips, leaving the paper fortune cookie intact and closed.

For other tips, you can try double-sided paper, printing the fortune on ribbon instead of papers and making the cookie out of cardstock, vellum, origami paper or other specialty papers.

There you go! You can now spread the good fortune of making paper fortune cookies for your friends, family and colleagues. Good luck!


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