How To Make Paper Geometric Shapes

Making 2D and 3D geometrical shapes out of paper can be fun and challenging at the same time. Since Christmas day is coming, you can make these and hang on your Christmas tree! You can do this with your friends and family. This is a great way to spend your time together and do something creative. After Christmas, you can still use these as decorations in your room by hanging these on the wall. The materials that you will need in making paper geometric shapes are ruler, pencil, tape, scissors and paper. There are different shapes that you can make. Follow the steps provided in this article to make a paper tetrahedron, octahedron and star. A tetrahedron is a geometric solid with 4 equilateral triangles as faces. This is also called triangular pyramid. An octahedron is a geometric solid with 8 sides.

Here’s how to make paper tetrahedron.

  • Draw a triangle. Get your paper and draw a big equilateral triangle. This means that all sides should be equal in length. Use your ruler and pencil to measure. Once you’re done drawing the triangle, get the center of each side and mark it with your pencil. Connect the marks so that it will form a small triangle in the middle of the big triangle. Your triangle will now look like it’s made up of 4 triangles (top, middle and 2 at the bottom).
  • Cut and fold. Cut the big triangle using scissors. Fold the top triangle to its base. Fold the bottom triangles as well so that the tips will meet the tip of the top triangle. Use tape to secure your paper tetrahedron.

Here’s how to make paper octahedron.

  • Draw two squares. Get a paper and using your pencil and ruler. Draw 2 squares that are the same size. Get the center of the squares and mark a horizontal and vertical line. Cut the 2 squares with scissors.
  • Fold the squares. Get one of the squares and put this on top of the table. Hold the upper right corner of the square and fold this to the middle. Do the same on the other 3 corners so that the tips will meet at the center. Adjust the folded parts so that it will look a pyramid. Secure this with tape. Do the same on the other square so you will now have 2 pyramid shapes. Attach the base together using glue or tape. Make sure that these are exactly on the same position. You now have your paper octahedron.

Here’s how to make a paper star:

  • Draw 2 stars. Get the paper and draw 2 identical stars. Get your ruler and pencil to draw lines that will serve as your guide in folding the stars. Draw a line from one tip of the star to the corner opposite to it. Do the same on all tips and corners. All lines will meet at the center of the star. Do this on the other star as well.
  • Cut and fold. Cut the stars using scissors. Fold and crease the star using the lines as your guide then unfold. Do the same with the other star. It will now be easier for you to shape your star using the marks that you creased. Once done, attach the stars using tape or by pasting the edges. Make sure that these are on the same position.

You can also find templates online for making paper geometric shapes. You can print the shape that you choose and fold using the guide. Enchanted Learning is one of these sites. You may want to check this out if you want to see more shapes to make.


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