How To Make a Paper Gun: Construction Paper Craft Ideas

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For parents who don’t want to give in to their child’s demand for a toy gun, consider making a paper gun. By working together on the project you can naturally include a discussion about guns. Follow these simple steps for a fun afternoon that you will both treasure.


  • 5 pieces of black construction paper 8 1/2” x 11”
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • 1 Index card
  • Silver gel or paint pen

Step 1

Steps for how to make paper guns:

Make the gun barrel. To begin, roll a piece of black paper lengthwise. Create a cylinder approximately 1” in diameter. Tape the tube at the top, bottom and middle. Using the second piece of black paper, make a second tube around the first so that it is slightly larger. Tape the second tube.

Step 2

Cut hole for magazine. Separate the two tubes. Cut a 2” square hole in the top of each of the tubes. The hole should leave 2” to the rear and 7” to the front. You can cut the barrel shorter than 7” if you prefer. Just cut the smaller tube so that it is ½” longer than the wider tube. Measurements are important when making paper crafts.

Step 3

Create gun handle and magazine. Using another sheet of paper, fold it in half widthwise. Roll the sheet into the shape of a handle. Try for a rectangle shape that fits in your hand and tapers thinner in the front. Secure handle with tape at both ends and in the middle. Fold the index card in half and slide it into the handle with the folded side toward the wide end of the taper so that the card will stay in the handle and keep the handle from collapsing.

Step 4

Fit handle into the barrel. Slide the top of the handle you just created into the rectangle you cut into the larger barrel. Use tape to secure the barrel. Slide the other tube inside the first and allow it to protrude out the front of the barrel. Cut a 1” slit into the barrel and handle for the trigger.

Step 5

Create trigger. Cut a slip of black paper 4” long and 4” wide. Fold the paper in half twice so you have a piece 1” x 4”. Bend the trigger to a right angle. Slide the trigger paper into the slits cut into the barrel and handle.

Step 6

Decorate the weapon. Using the silver pen draw lines to create the look of contours on the gun.

You now have a small gun made of paper. If you made the gun for your kids be sure they do not take them to school or out away from the house. Experiment with the gun shapes and sizes and have fun.

There are many other types of paper crafts ideas such as making paper tanks, and more cooperative ideas, as well. Craft projects are a fun way to bring the family together and construction paper crafts bring beautiful color into the art. Family magazines are also full of craft ideas so be sure to check those as well.


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