How To Make Paper Lanterns

Have you ever dreamt of making your own paper lanterns? The ones that glow in your backyard while cool breezes caress your skin? Then this article is just right for you. Paper lanterns you will create in this project do not burn, but light with glowing sticks instead. You can light a single one, or light a whole bunch all the way to the doorstep. These lanterns are great for dining buffets in your lawn.

For materials, you need sixteen regular sticks, one sheet patterned tissue paper, a glow stick, and a length of nylon strings or fishing line. For tools you need an electric glue gun, stick glue, scissors, and pins. Follow the instructions and you will have a bunch of glowing lanterns in no time.

  1. Arrange the tissue paper. Lay out the tissue paper on your table. The designs must be downside. Stretch the tissue using pins to keep in place. Smoothen the surface.
  2. Glue the craft sticks. Start with the lower left corner of the paper. Position a craft stick on the bottom edge, lining up the stick at the bottom of the tissue paper. Apply glue using the glue gun. Then take another stick and position along the left edge, perpendicular to the bottom stick. Apply glue using the glue gun. Add two more craft sticks to complement the square area. Be certain that all the angles form a square.
  3. Add more squares. From the first square, add more squares. Each square should consist of 4 crafts sticks, not borrowing from the square beside. Make sure it touches the square to the right side. Apply glue using the glue gun. Repeat until you have 4 squares in total.
  4. Trim excess paper. Cut the tissue paper that goes beyond the bottom and the top edges of the squares. Trim the right side of the tissue paper 1/2 inch beyond the edge of the stick.
  5. Form a cube. Fold the squares into a position that all squares face each other, forming a cube. Take the artwork, fold to the center and make it stand on its sides. Smear the stick glue with the gun on the 1/2 inch tissue flap to the farthest right stick to hold the cube into place.
  6. Light the lantern. To light up your lantern, position a glow stick in the hollow inset of the artwork. Be certain that the glow stick is located in the center of the artwork to evenly distribute the light. Avoid using a candle or fire of any kind as this may burn the entire artwork.
  7. Hang. On top, attach a string. Use nylon string or any fishing line. You can hang them on the porch, posts or trees on your lawn.

You can now bask in the mellow glow of your handicraft! You had made your first lantern. Repeat the steps above for any number of lanterns you wish to make. To make larger ones, simply look for longer craft sticks and make more than four squares. You might consider going for small incandescent bulbs for a better glow. Instead of tissue paper, you can even use thin patterned cloth with tassels. To accessorize, you can add bells or chimes beneath the lantern.


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