How To Make Paper Money Card Holders

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When giving wrapped gifts has bored you to sleep, you can give money instead. With ready cash, the person who receives it can buy what he really wants. So money given heartily is very helpful and efficient to answer the needs of others at the same time. Most cultures consider it a faux pas to give money directly. It must be encased or inserted into something that is more appropriate. This project will help you make your own money card holders.

For tools and materials you need a used money holder from the bank, ruler, colored paper with designs, light cardboard, whistling boiling pot of water, computer with color printer, pencil, glue gun, glue stick, a rubber stamp, ink, stickers and markers. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own paper money card holder.

  1. Take the old bank money holder and hold it near the steam of the boiling pot for a minute or two. The adhesives of the money holder will soften enough for you to pry it open. Open all the flaps and lay the money holder on the design paper you want to create. With a pencil, trace the money holder paper around. Remove the holder paper and pencil out all the folding lines with dotted lines.
  2. Set the old money holder aside. With a pair of scissors, cut out the pattern of your paper money card holder. In case you are going to make many card holders, cut out a template by using a cardboard.
  3. Slightly surface cut or score each dotted line so it will be easier to fold. Firmly crease each folding line with a ruler.
  4. Heat up the glue gun and apply dots of glue on the side panel to make it stick on the large back flap. Let it dry for a couple of seconds.
  5. Apply glue to the side of the bottom flap on the outside of the money holder. Apply pressure for a couple of seconds to be certain that it holds securely.
  6. Accentuate your new handicraft with beads, ribbons, confetti, rubber stamping or colorful stickers. You can use cut out images that suit the occasion using the computer printer. For instance rings for wedding, hearts for Valentines Day, roses for Mother’s Day, snowman for Christmas season, etc. You can also glue on laces and silk to make ribbon patterns.
  7. Insert the bill of money. Fold the top flap in. You can also apply glue to firmly close the money holder. For alternative, you can use ribbons or decorative stickers to seal the paper money card holder.

Well done! With style, you can now give money to your friends or loved ones. Your personal paper money card holders will be quite meaningful for them that they will hesitate to throw them away. Instead, they will make an effort to preserve your handicraft by turning it into neat bookmarks or just tucked in the photo book for a warm loving memory.


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