How To Make Paper Rings

There are different types and sizes of rings. There are gold, silver and plastic rings. These are used as accessories but are also used as symbols of love and commitment. In marriage, these symbolize the bond of the husband and wife. These are also given to friends as a symbol of friendship. You can make rings out of paper. If you have kids, you can teach them how make these. It’s more fun if you invite their playmates to make these with you. They can then exchange rings with each other as a sign of their friendship. They can also use these when playing. Kids love to accessorize like adults. You can make different colors of rings to match with their outfit.

Here are the steps on how to make paper rings.

  • Prepare the materials that you will need in making paper rings. These are paper, ruler, scissors and craft materials for decoration like small beads, glitter and stamp. If you will be making several rings, choose different colors of paper to make different colors of rings.
  • Measure the paper needed. You will need a paper that is 8 inches by 2 ½ inches. Get a paper and cut the size needed using scissors. To prevent the kids from getting hurt, it’s better if you’ll be the one to cut the correct size of paper needed. Count how many kids are participating and cut the papers they will use. You can then do the steps in making the rings and let them follow you.
  • Fold paper lengthwise. Fold the paper on the center lengthwise. Fold 1/8 inch of the edges on the opening. The fold should be going inside. Again, fold the center of the paper lengthwise.
  • Get the ring size. Using the ruler, measure and mark about 3 ½ inches from the left end of the folded paper and fold the left side up on the mark. This will create a triangle shape on the mark. The right side of the mark will be a long rectangle. Hold the mark between your thumb and index finger. Wrap the long rectangle around your thumb to the top of the mark. This will be the size of the ring. Adjust it to the desired size.
  • Finish folding. Now that the rectangle is on top of the mark, fold the horizontal part backwards so that it will be on top of the rectangle. Fold it again so that it will go inside the ring and out then fold once more. If there is excess, cut it exactly to the edge of the ring. This will create a square in the middle. Fold the rectangle over the square and cut excess enough to tuck it inside the square to lock the ring.

If you will be making the rings with several kids, make sure to choose a place that can accommodate everyone. They should be comfortable so they can follow the steps easily. It’s best if you let them sit on the floor while you stand up at the center or in front so they can see you and follow your instructions. Be sure to clean the floor before letting them sit or better if you lay a blanket or rug on the floor.


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