How To Make Party Confetti

Do you have a lot of parties and are tired of spending all your money on decorations that you could have done for half the cost? How many parties do you have each year and multiply it by the amount of money you spend at each party and see what the cost is. If you have a few dollars and a couple of hours of your own time, then you can make your own party confetti.

Party confetti is typically made out of shiny materials like foil for instance and is in a number of shapes and styles. If you are interested in making your own party confetti, then you will want to follow these directions to make it and show everyone at your party how handy you are. They will be asking where you bought the confetti from and will want to get their own, once they realize that you made it your self they will have you telling them how you did it.

Step 1:

Go to the hobby store to purchase the foil material in the colors that you want your confetti to be in. If you are having a baby shower and the woman that you are hosting the party for is going to be having a boy then you will want to purchase blue foil and if she is having a girl then you will want a pink foil material.

If the woman that you are having a party for is getting married and you are hosting her bachelorette party then try to make her confetti in the color of the wedding party. This will add a little touch of her into the party confetti.

Step 2:

You will need to look through the hole punch sets that the hobby store sells. Look for a hole punch that would match the theme that you are hosting the party of. So if you are hosting a wedding party then look for a hole punch that has a wedding bell. If you are hosting a party that is aimed at babies than you will want to look for a hole punch that has images of a baby booties or a rattle. Once you have chosen which hole punches to buy then you will want to go back to making the confetti.

Step 3:

Once you get home with your hole punches and your foil material you will want to lay a couple of the sheets of foil together on the table. If you are using a couple of colors of foil then you will want to lay one sheet of each color down and will want to hole punch each set. Take your 3 or 4 colors and starting at the bottom of the papers, slowly hole punch one row at a time.

Step 4:

Once you have started punching your rows and are getting a good amount of confetti on your table then you would want to start placing the items into a bowl and continue adding all of your confetti pieces.


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