How To Make Perfume at Home

If you’ve been to the mall lately, you would have noticed that the price of perfume is downright dear! It may be nice to smell great but it sure isn’t practical once you consider that you’re giving up meals just to get have that signature scent. Making perfume is a hobby of many people, and if you have decided on your favorite smell, it would be very easy for you to come up with your own personalized and unique aroma.

The art of making perfume is rather simple. It’s all about the addition of various smells so that the resulting scent would be very soothing or arousing. Scents and perfumes have a lot of levels or layers to them. Those in the know would like to call them notes – like in music. There are some smells that could hold as the base of something. These smells are so earthy and basic that it would be easy to build more smells or notes on top of them. Go to your local hobby store for a comprehensive list of these smells. You can almost surely sample them with sniff cards before you commit on buying your own little bottles of essential oils or infused essences.

Anything aromatic would probably have an essential oil. It could be as basic as lavender, chamomile or rose but there are also other variants such as vanilla, oregano or even coffee! Everything is available and you just have to figure out how you want your perfume to turn out.

Here’s how you create a scent:

  1. Put a beaker over a low flame. You may use a small stove or a Bunsen burner for this purpose. Add a good amount of a base oil or essence. Sandal wood and vanilla are quite familiar choices. They’re very distinct yet very easy on the nose.
  2. As you are stirring the oil, add little drops of other essential oils into the mix. This should make the scents layer on top of each other and enhance the smell as you go.
  3. You may add just one essential oil or as many as you like.
  4. Once you’ve gotten your scent, take a cheese cloth and strain your oil through it. This should remove the impurities that could have fallen into the oil as you we mixing.
  5. Bottle up your perfume and use as you please.

For your own convenience, you may want to keep a recipe of the scent with you. This would be great if you want to replicate the same smell or if you want to share the scent with others. Just take note of how much base you used as well as the number of drops of other essential oils you used for the perfume.

You may keep it for your own use of even put the perfume in tiny bottles as gifts for little girls and your friends! Add a recipe guide and for sure they’ll be doing their own versions in no time.


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