How To Make Personalized Pottery

When shaping pottery, the main tool that you have to use is your hands. Your hands are in control of how the pottery you're making is shaped and formed. Through the years many more tools to make personalized pottery have been created such as rolling and shaping tools, and tools to help cut the pottery easier. Though all of these tools may look complicated and seem like you have to be a natural to make it, all you need is to learn the tricks to making it. And you don't need expensive equipment to create a work of art, because people all around the world make it with barely any tools.

If you want to make it handmade without any tools, it could take some time and patience. You use clay, which is more of a runny clay mix, and mix it with water. The great thing about making it with your hands only is that you can control the shape of the pottery a lot more than if you used a wheel. If you're more of a creative person, then doing it with your own hands would show off your artistic and creative side. Then join the clay together with a surrey or slip to complete the process.

Making pottery became more popular as an art and hobby when audiences around the world saw the hit movie Ghost. Spinning the pottery that way requires a pottery wheel. Then, you put the clay on the spinner wheel and use a foot pedal to start the wheel moving. The wheel will rotate extremely fast as it pulls and presses the clay to an upward motion. With the help of your hands, you can form pieces of pottery. Professional potters make hundreds of plates, vases and other pieces of pottery a day using this method.

Granulate pressing is another popular form of making pottery. You shape the pottery by pressing the clay in a mold, and then the mold helps press the clay with high pressured water, forming pottery. With the granulated clay, it's spray dried to produce a moisturized structure. This is also known as dust spraying. It's the most popular used method when making plates and other small forms of pottery.

If you want to decorate the pottery, wait until it's dry and then spray paint it. Just make sure that you put a protective outer coat on it before spraying it.


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