How To Make Photo Earrings

Have you ever had that friend or relative that seems to have everything or they are just extremely hard to buy for? Photo earrings could be your answer not only as gifts for others but also for yourself. Do you have pictures of that new niece or nephew? Adorable photos of your kids? Photo earrings could be a whole new way to show them off. Photo earrings are a great way to personalize your jewelry collection and a truly unique way to express yourself through fashion. Below are instructions on how you can make your own photo earrings.

Supply List:

  • Photos of your choice
  • High quality photo paper
  • Copier or printer (will need to be color printer if you don't want black and white)
  • Mattboard (available at art supply and craft stores)
  • An exacto knife and Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick designed for use with paper
  • Craft paint
  • Book or weight
  • polymer compound ( available a hardware stores)
  • ear wires and jump rings (2 of each)

Step 1 Choosing your photo

Choose the size you want your earrings. Take a piece of paper and cut it into the size and shape you want this will be your template. Now lay your template over the area of the photo you want as a earring to see if it fits. This will help you select the best photo to use. Make a copy of your photo or if you want to go a little funky use two different photos. Make your copies on photo paper or scan and print them. Using your template trace around it on to the photo for a guide line. Cut out Photos using exacto for precision.

Step 2 Creating the base

Cut two pieces of mat-board the same size as the photos use template so you don't cut your photos. Paint your mat-board front and back and let dry. Apply photos to the mat-board with glue or glue stick. Now allow to dry for 3 to 4 hours placing book or weight on top for pressure. Using knife make hole at top for jump ring.

Step 3 Gloss

To protect your earrings and give them a nice gloss you need to add a finish. The best to use is a polymer compound. Follow instructions on the compound and apply in a well ventilated room. Make sure the entire photo is covered. Allow them to dry for 36 to 48 hours. Check them after 10 or 15 minutes for bubbles. If you see any blow on them softly to remove them.

Step 4 Apply the Ear wires

Now that they are dry put a jump ring through the hole in the photo.
Add a ear wire and close jump ring. Repeat the process for the other earring.
Enjoy your new Photo Earrings!


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