How To Make Pillows for Newborns

A pillow for a newborn baby can be an excellent gift from friends or a sentimental keepsake from parents. Wait until after the baby is born to make the pillow so that it can feature elements specific to the newborn.

The first step is to choose fabric and any other elements -- such as buttons, tassels, or lace -- that you want for your newborn's pillow. Don't be afraid to stray from the usual pink for girls and blue for boys, though these can be nice solutions. Try polka dots, plaids, or other patterns that may be particular interests to the newborn's family. If you do choose a wild print, keep the other additions to a minimum. When at the craft or fabric store, don't forget to purchase your threads and stuffing.

When you have chosen your fabric, cut it into two equal squares, the size depends on how large you want the baby's pillow. Or, if you'd prefer, cut two equal pieces in a different shape, remembering that it may add complications to your sewing.

Before you begin the actual sewing, choose a fabric square for the front of the pillow. Here, you want to feature the newborn's name, birthday, or any other special details for the baby's pillow. Good options for putting these elements on the newborn's pillow are fabric paint, if you have steady hands; stencils; fabric cut-outs to be sewn on; or iron-ons. Arrange all of your words on the baby's pillow before you attach to see the final product. If you chose a plain fabric for making the newborn's pillow, use a rainbow of colors or a print for the words. If you chose a wild print, keep the words simple so they are seen.

Next, place the two squares together, print sides facing each other. Now, any additions such as buttons and words already should be attached to the print side. If you decided to use any trim for the edges, make sure it is placed between your two pieces of fabric where it should appear on the finished product. It will be included in your stitching. Use pins to keep everything in place.

Now it's time to sew the pillow for your newborn! Using a sewing machine, sew all around the pillow edges, keeping an even seam allowance at these edges. Don't forget to leave a large enough opening in your stitching to stuff the pillow.

When the sewing is complete, turn your fabric inside-out so that the print side is facing out. Now stuff the pillow with your stuffing until you get the desired firmness.

Finally, hand stitch the opening you left. You have now made a pillow for a newborn baby that will be a keepsake in the crib and beyond.


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