How To Make Pipe Cleaner Snow

Do you live in a area of the world that does not get snow or that gets very little snow? If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the children on a weekend or to just enjoy one another's company then there are some things that you can do like make pipe cleaner snow with one another.

Step 1:

To create a 6 prong snowflake then you are going to need 3 pipe cleaners. To make the 6 prong you will need to have bent the 3 in half and twisted them so that they will remain together in one piece. This will create a fairly large snowflake but if you want to use a smaller amount then all you will want to do is cut the pipe cleaner in half and do the same method.

Step 2:

Connect a piece of string to all the point of the pipe cleaner at the top of the cleaners. Choose which end that you will want to use as the top and tie another portion of string to this and connect it to a pen to allow it to dangle down.

Step 3:

Use a hot glue gun and be very careful as you can get a burn if the gun is touched incorrectly. The best thing for you to do with the children is to make sure that this is out of reach of their hands. Then you will want to use a small dab of hot glue to attach a bead to the center of that would be the snowflake pipe cleaner.

Step 4:

Boil some water to the point of a rolling boil and add this to a jar that you will be using to form your snow crystals in. Make a small black mark on the side of the jar that you are using to allow you to know when there will be water evaporated and to add more if needed.

Step 5:

Stir what is called borax into the water that you poured into a jar. The correct dosage of borax that you need will depend on the amount of water that you placed into the jar. However the correct amount of borax that you will need will be 3 tbsp to 1 cup of boiling hot water. Make sure that you stir well enough that most of the borax is dissolved into the water.

Step 6:

You will then want to place the pipe cleaner snowflake outline into the jar make sure that the only thing that is out of the surface of the water is the string to hang it on with the pen. Rest the pen on the top of your jar and leave it sit there. Make sure that you keep this away from the edges of the furniture so that the children will not be tempted to drink it or play in it.

Step 7:

Allow the pipe cleaner snowflake to sit over night and in the morning allow the members of the family to see it. If you would like more crystals on the pipe cleaner then you can add more borax and dip the snowflake again. If not then spray the snowflake with some glitter hairspray that most stores carry and hang it from a area in the whole family will be able to admire.


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