How To Make Placemats with a Fall Theme

If you are the type of person who likes to design according to season, then making fall themed placemats should appeal to you. Fall is a lovely time to decorate due to its golden hues and amber glow. You can apply this season’s theme to your placemats by following the tips below.

  1. Get some dried leaves, scissors, glue, paper, paint, contact paper, stamp pad and ink. These items excluding the dried leaves can be bought in any bookstore near you. You can also check if you can borrow some from your kids.
  2. One way to do fall themed placemat is to use dried leaves. Paint the leaves in any color you want. Once this is done, you can press the leaves on a thick paper. The paint color will be transferred, showing the outline of the leaves plus the small veins running through it. It would surprise you how good it looks knowing how easy you made it.
  3. If you want it to be really artistic, use the dried leaves itself by gluing it onto paper that you can use for a placemat. You can make different designs, placing all the leaves on the corners or by covering the four sides with leaves. It sometimes would be a bit messy because you will be using glue but it will be worth it.
  4. You can also print off some fall wallpapers from the internet. This will be a good idea if you do not mind using much of your ink. It would take off a whole lot from your cartridge due fall brings off a lot of colors next to spring.
  5. You can also use stamps. There are some stamps that have a leaf design that you can just use in designing the paper. You can spell out a name with the design or just stamp on the whole thing.
  6. Another family seasonal thing you can do is to use your photos. Get the happiest moments you got stored and add the leaves as a design. You can also find fall pictures you have, that would be so much better. If you do not have these, then there are online scrapbooking sites where you can design your own page then just print it.
  7. Whatever way you chose especially if you used glue. Let it dry first thoroughly to avoid bubbles coming up the surface. Once this is done you can put together the paper and the contact paper, sealing well on all sides and pressing down in the middle to avoid air.
  8. Check if everything is sealed in tight so if anything spills on your homemade fall placemat then it will not ruin the design you made.

Making fall themed placemats can be fun and enjoyable especially if it shows family togetherness. You can keep this fall’s placemats and use it again for next year or just design a new one every year. It will add a dash of warmth to your dining experience.


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