How To Make Plaster: Plaster Techniques and Craft Ideas

See What's Needed to Create a Plaster Sculpture

 Forming man's face

When it comes to making craft projects at home, one basic skill is making plaster. With this you can create masks, sculptures, piñatas or other three dimensional objects. There are a ton of plaster craft ideas out there just waiting for you to get your hands dirty! Follow these steps and you’ll be able to learn how to make the plaster that can become the basis of many future and easy craft projects.

3 cups white flour
1 ½ cups warm water
Plastic bowl

  1. Start with a clean surface. Plaster tends to get messy so be sure to cover the surface with a plastic sheet or newspaper.
  2. Combine the warm water and flour in a bowl. Use the spoon to stir the mixture until you have a smooth, easy consistency. Stir slowly and patiently remove all lumps from the mix.
  3. Once the plaster is mixed, use it for any plaster art project. There are many plaster techniques used for applying plaster depending on what project you're making. If you are creating a plaster mold you can place the plaster directly over the shape to be modeled and then allow the plaster to dry before moving it. For other shapes or paper mache projects, dip strips of newspaper into the plaster mixture then apply them directly to the surface. Use a balloon as the center of a globe or face sculpture. Once you create a base layer using the newspaper strips, create a second layer of strips that you can mold and shape to the features you desire.
  4. Have fun with plaster. Use plaster for any project your mind can create.

It’s easy to create plaster for your craft projects.  Remember to mix the plaster directly before beginning your craft project. The mix will dry out and become unusable after a couple of hours so you need to use it as soon as you make the mix. Have your plaster sculpture, model or project design ready before you start mixing.


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