How To Make Polymer Clay Doll Parts

Polymer clay is not actually clay as you think it is. It is a material based on the Polymer Polyvinyl Chloride (also known as PVC), a plastic used in PVS pipes and as an insulation for electric wires with the addition of plasticizers to make it softer and flexible. Polymer clay is only called “clay” because it resembles like one. It is used to make figurines, doll figures and doll parts. Artists and hobbyists today make their own dolls according to what they want them to be. They can always adjust the appearance of the doll by changing its parts. It can be a long legged one; it can have stylish hand gestures or just a plain old pose. It can be bought in a craft or hobby store where the artists buy stuff. But, you can always try to make your own doll parts.

  • Materials needed. Polymer clay, sculpturing tools crumpled aluminum foil, metal tray, paint and small brushes for the design.
  • Molding the head. Get a nip of clay and roll it into a small ball about 1-½ to 2 inches depending on your doll size. Turn it into an oval shape like an egg to represent the basic human head. By molding the bottom part, you can create the chin and jaw area. Push the chin and jaw area upward and pull the back part of the egg downward to create the neck. Shape the head area by lightly squeezing it. Next is to pinch a small amount of clay and attach it in the center to create the nose. Sculpt the nose, eyes, mouth and ears. Create a canal around the base of the neck.
  • Molding the arms. The arms are basically 2.5 to 3 times the length of the head. Make 2 rolls of clay and pinch the end part. Next is to create an angle, enough to show the natural slant of an elbow. Sculpt the rolls beginning with the upper arm, elbow and down to the flattened part to make the hand and fingers. Don’t forget to put channels on both ends of the upper arm.
  • Molding the legs. The legs must be 4 times as long as that of your head part. Similar to making the hands, create 2 rolls of clay but a little thicker. If you want to adjust the length of the legs, you can do so. It can either be long or short based on your desired length. You should begin sculpting the upper part beginning with the thighs down to the knees and feet. Don’t forget to sculpt the back of the knees to give it a natural angle. And finally, add the channels around the upper part.
  • Baking the parts. Place parts on top of the crumpled aluminum foils to retain its shape. Then place it on a metal sheet and inside the oven. Bake the parts according to the specified baking instructions of the Polymer clay to create better results. You must remember that when baking, placing parts in a flat surface may alter the desired shape. After baking, let it cool down.
  • Detailing. Paint the parts as you want it. Start with the basic color of the eyes, lips and finger nails. Add more details if you want more style.

You can also change the skin color if you want. Add two colors of clay to make the right blend of color you want. Creating parts is essential when you are making dolls. If one part breaks, you will always have reserves. At another point, parts are used to add style to your doll. You can change its appearance any time.


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