How To Make Pop-Up Books for Children

Tell stories to children in a way that they’ll be amazed. Use pop-up books. Unlike ordinary books with drawings, pop-up books let you tell stories with 3D pictures. Pop-up books are surely far way better and more exciting but they are also more expensive than other books. Don’t worry about money because making pop-up books for children is easy and fun. The steps below will guide you on how to make a simple pop-up book for children:

  • Understand how pop-up books work. You need to understand the basic idea of how pop-up books work. The goal of every book is to make images to stand up vertically when the page is open and then be folded down when the book is closed. This uses basic folding techniques to make that popping up possible. It would help if you have a pop-up book to look at so you’ll get the basic idea of how it works.
  • Prepare the materials needed. It is very important that you have sturdy pieces of paper to make strong pop-up books. The usual bond papers won’t do because they can get easily crumbled. Use sturdier paper like that one used for making greeting cards. You’ll also need images, which can be drawn or cut-out from magazine or old books. Take note also that the images you will use should have sturdy support. If cut-out images are not so sturdy, you can paste them on sturdy paper and cut them out again.
  • Fold and cut the papers. You’ll need two papers with equal size for every spread of a book’s page. One paper will be the cover and the other will be used for displaying the images. Fold the two papers in half, crosswise. Get the inside paper and cut lines from the folded part. Just don’t cut all the way to the other end or that will trim down the paper. Cut only up to half of the folded paper’s height.
  • Open the inside paper and fix the cut lines. The cut lines will serve as the stand for the pop-up images. Check them by opening the inside paper. Push the flaps to the inside of the card. Fold the flaps again. Check how the pop-up page is working by closing and opening the paper. The flaps should fold towards inside when closed and then spread out when opened.
  • Stick the images on the stand. Get the cut-out images and paste it on the bottom so that it will stick on the flaps. You may stick them on the horizontal portion of the flaps or you may stick them on the vertical portion. Sticking them on the vertical part will require a little folding. Just make sure that the image will stay up while the paper is open. Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Check the pop-up. Close the page and open it. Do the images popped-up when you opened the page? Do the images rest down as the flaps are pushed through when closing the page? If yes, then you can proceed to the next step. If not, then you need to make a little adjustment like trimming the images.
  • Stick the page’s cover. Put glue on the back side of the inside paper. Be careful not to put glue on the flaps or portions near it. Stick the inside paper to the cover and this page is done.

Create more pop-up pages for the book. Compile these pages and you finally have a pop-up book for children. Take note that this is the basic and one of the easiest ways to make pop-up books. There are more techniques out there, which can produce more interesting results.


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