How To Make Potpourri Wedding Favors

Creating potpourri wedding favors is an inexpensive and stress-free process. Both brides with craft skills and those without can whip up a batch of potpourri wedding favors in no time, leaving mental space to stress about other wedding details. Here are two ways to create personalized potpourri wedding favors at home.

The first method is the most popular and traditional one: the potpourri satchel favor. This favor allows guests to take them home and store them in drawers, cabinets, or anywhere they choose! To make potpourri satchel wedding favors, you will need: potpourri of your choice, lace or tulle, a bowl, ribbon, and a pencil.

Using the bowl as a stencil, lightly trace a circle into the fabric you are using. Cut out the circle along this line, and erase any stray marks. You can also use a disappearing ink marker, available at most craft stores. The ink will disappear after twenty- four hours. Add a handful of potpourri to the center of your circle, gather the fabric and tie it off with your ribbon. To personalize this potpourri wedding favor, use the favorite scent of the bride and groom. You could also match the ribbon color to the bridesmaid's dresses, or general color scheme.

The second method of creating potpourri wedding favors is less traditional and results in beautiful blocks of potpourri wrapped in ribbon. Since this favor is not wrapped, it would be ideal for wedding receptions without small children. For this method, you will need Styrofoam blocks, a clean coffee grinder, potpourri, toothpicks, white glue (make sure it is the type that dries invisible), and ribbon. The number of blocks and amount of potpourri will depend on the size of your guest list! Again, you can personalize the scent and color of the potpourri, and also the color of the ribbon.

To begin making these favors, grind your potpourri for one second only in your coffee grinder. Be sure you are not grinding the potpourri too finely because you still want the potpourri on your wedding favors to have texture. Pour the potpourri onto a flat surface- a plate would be ideal. Insert three toothpicks into the bottom of the Styrofoam block, and evenly spread white glue on the top. Using the toothpicks as handles, press the sticky side of the block into the potpourri. Repeat on each side of the block until the entire block is covered. Set your potpourri wedding favors on their toothpick legs to dry overnight on a flat surface. Once the favors are dry, tie a ribbon around each one as if they were presents. You can attach a personalized name tag to the ribbon, if you wish. These are available at any craft store.


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