How To Make Pottery Dishes

To make pottery dishes, you will begin in the same way that you would start any pottery project: you need to identify a studio where you can buy clay and pottery tools, rent a pottery wheel and use their kiln for firing your work.  Once you've laid that groundwork, you're ready to start making pottery dishes.  Let's start with a bowl and then move on to mugs and plates.

To make a bowl, get two pounds of clay and form it into a ball.  Place it firmly on the bat, which is attached to the wheel head.  Start the wheel turning and center the clay on the bat.  Your hands should be wet so you can easily manipulate the clay. Once the clay is centered, with the pottery wheel still turning, push your index finger down the center of the clay to create an opening.  Don't go all the way to the bottom!  With your finger still inside the clay, pull the opening towards you.  Stop pulling the clay when the opening is as wide as you want your bowl to be. Now, using a sponge in your outside hand and keeping your other hand inside the clay, pull up the sides to even out the walls.  Your clay should be shaped like a cylinder.  Now, gently stretch out the clay sides to form the shape of the bowl you want.

To make a pottery mug, you start just like you do with the bowl, but you'll use less clay.  You won't want to pull the opening as wide as you did for the bowl.  Be mindful of the top edge of the cup and keep it smooth.  Once you are satisfied with the shape of the mug, it's time to make the handle.  Take a small amount of clay and rub it between your hands.  When you have a uniform piece of clay, attach it to the top and bottom of the mug.  Be sure to smooth out the places where you are connecting the handle to the mug.

To make a saucer or plate, start as you did for the other items.  A saucer will require less clay than a plate.  Once the clay is centered, you need to press down on it with one hand while the wheel is turning, until the clay is about one inch thick but still centered.  Then you will open it like you do for other items, but your opening will not be very deep.  You need to pull the clay out evenly and then gently pull up the small sides of the saucer.  Enjoy your pottery dishes!


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