How To Make Pottery Plates

Creating something with your own hands can be the most rewarding thing that anyone can do. One of the best ways to create is with clay. The simplest thing that can be made with clay is an everyday plate. This can be done by anyone, from a beginner pottery maker to the most advanced. Here is how to make a simple pottery plate.

The materials you need to complete this project are: a clay water pottery wheel, a sponge wood tool, a needle tool and trimming tools.

  • The first thing to do is to wet your hands and roll about one pound of clay into a ball.
  • Throw the ball onto the center of the pottery wheel. The reason you need to throw the ball with force is that it needs to stick to the pottery wheel. Take one hand and stabilize the clay, and use the other hand to push down on the clay.
  • Next, cup your hands around the clay and move them up and down to form a cone shape; then, press down on the clay to flatten it. You want to do this several times in order to remove any air bubbles that may be in the clay, and to also move the molecules in a uniform direction.
  • Now press the clay into the shape that you want. Create a hole in the middle of the clay by pressing down in the middle with your finger. Then add more water and make sure that there is still at least a ½ inch left at the base of the clay.
  • Now the plate's rim needs to be created.  Use your hand to bring up the sides of the clay to form low walls. Then use the shaping tools to bring the wall down to form the outer edge of the plate.
  • Gently flatten out the sides of the wall and lay down the sides. Use the trim tool to get rid of the excess clay. Make sure that the bottom is really flat and the sides are not too thin.

Creating clay projects takes practice and constant attention. The first plate may not be as straight, but in time you will be able to make more professional looking objects.

Working with clay and a pottery wheel can be the most fun you have had in a long time. Pottery tools and clay can be purchased at any craft store or online at any craft retailer or pottery store. Create and have fun!  Don't get discouraged if your first efforts look uneven - practice always makes perfect. Work slowly and don’t rush your creativity, it will come in time. Once you are done with the plate you can glaze it or decorate it any way you want.


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