How To Make Pretend Food

Pretend food or sometimes called fake food, are food replicas made from art materials or anything that can be recycled like scraps or papers. They are used in stores, malls, food courts and sometimes in your own kitchen as display and to create a welcoming atmosphere. These are commonly noticed in restaurants and they serve as a come-on to guests.

Pretend food can also be used as toys. Children, especially girls love to play cook or pretend like they are having a tea party. They enjoy the feeling of slicing and dicing and cooking little things to pretend that they’re actually cooking or having a tea party. You can use pretend food as toys for your children. It is really easy to make pretend food plus it is a fun activity for you and your kids.

Here are some tips on how to make exciting pretend food.

  • Prepare the materials needed. You need the following materials:  any recyclable things you can find, like old shoe boxes, lids, old paper towel cartons, old newspapers, plastic cups, or wood beads. You also need glue, lightweight spackle, scissors, acrylic paint of different colors, brushes, Styrofoam balls and boards, tissue paper, markers, pens, crayons, varnish, old sponge sheets, and wires.
  • How to make fake cakes. Mix some lightweight spackle and glue with water depending on how you would like its consistency to be. Turn old shoe boxes upside down and cover with mixture. Paint it in whatever color you desire for your fake cake. Let it set overnight.
  • How to make fake bread slices. Trace bread slices on old sponge sheets and then cut them with scissors. Paint the sponge sheets with light brown color and trace the edges with dark brown color.
  • How to make fake oranges and apples. Coat Styrofoam balls with glue mixed with water. Use bright orange paint for the fake oranges. Use red or green paint for the apples. Let them dry overnight. Quick tip: before you start coating or painting the Styrofoam balls, you need to consider certain details first like the shape of the fruit, the stem, the leaves, etc.
  • How to make fake olives and grapes. Get your beads. Coat them with black or green paint to make fake olives. For grapes, you need to coat the beads with green, purple or red paint. Then, connect the beads using a wire, insert the wire in the bead hole then fill it with glue. Let it dry overnight.
  • How to make toy sushi rolls. Cut old sponge sheets lengthwise (about 3x5 inches) and then paint with desired colors. Wet with glue mixed with water, and roll it like a sushi and tie it in the center. Let it dry for a bit then arrange on play plates.
  • How to make toy candies. Cut your colored plastic into small squares like candy wrappers. Put cotton balls in each square, roll it then twist on both ends. Arrange them on play candy bowls.
  • How to make toy ice cream. Draw semi-circles on construction paper then cut it. Roll it to form a cone shape and secure it with tape. Cut small Styrofoam balls in half and then place them on top of the cone paper, then secure with tape as well. Cover it with tissue paper and then apply glue mixed with water. Add details to make it look like a real ice cream. Paint it with your desired ice cream colors.

And you’re done!  Once the pretend foods and toys have dried up, add a light varnish all over each piece in order to preserve its form and color. Varnish adds a bit of a shine to it too.


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