How To Make Prom Wrist Corsages

Prom wrist corsages need to start off with making some choices of colors and flowers. You start off with the colors that are in your prom dress and the flower that you would like best to go with it. The best to accent any beautiful flower is of course "Baby's Breath" which you do not need till you are almost finished.

Once you have your colors picked out, get your other essentials together. There are a few different ways to make these corsages so there will be multiple items to be used. You will need to use a floral glue to glue the silk flowers to the elastic floral bracelet. This is also where you may add the ribbons and "Babies Breath". You will adjust these to the positioning that looks right and feels comfortable to you.

There is another method with items as simple as two flowers of your choice such as roses, some smaller flowers for fillers, floral tape and decorative wire which is the base to it all. You use the floral tape to wrap around the stems of each flower in which to make them more manageable to work with, then begin to arrange them in such a manner as a bouquet. Then they should be attached to the decorative wire which then becomes another simpler yet beautiful style of corsage.

Another style that I like also calls for silk flowers of your choice. In this particular style though you use ribbon for the bracelet, which is also very pretty. So for this you must make sure the main ribbon is the correct length to tie around the wrist neatly yet hold up well throughout prom night. The items that you will be needing are needle and thread, already-made bow, usually best with the sticky backing, scissors, glue gun, mesh material, stapler and silk flowers. You may want some small extras such as beads or rhinestones to glue on for accent. Take the mesh material in an approximate 10"x10" square and cut the corners to desired shape. Time to start assembling the bow and the flower, making sure all is secured well with the glue gun. You need to be sure to secure the corsage on to the ribbon/bracelet. Check the length of the ribbon again to be sure that it wraps around the wrist and ties neatly into a very beautiful bow with a snug fit as not to come loose.

At this point you should be positioning and repositioning till the corsage is fit to you or the person you are making this for. Once you have achieved your goal it should look nice and hold up well. Happy Prom Night!


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