How To Make Pure Nicotine

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In its purest form, nicotine is one of the most deadly toxins known to man. A single drop is enough to kill an adult human if ingested. In order to make pure nicotine, it must first be completely clear how potentially deadly pure nicotine can be if consumed. In addition to this, anyone who wishes to make pure nicotine must also understand that it can be absorbed through the skin by simply touching it. Make sure to protect your skin from the pure nicotine by wearing latex gloves. As well as wearing gloves, safety glasses are recommended to protect your eyes.

The first step to make pure nicotine is to obtain the proper kind of tobacco from which to extract the nicotine. Either chewing or pipe tobacco is recommended for this purpose. Once the appropriate tobacco has been obtained, it is put into a bowl. Next, pour water into the bowl until it just barely covers the tobacco. After doing this, the next step in making pure nicotine is to simply let the bowl sit untouched overnight.

After letting the tobacco sit out in the bowl all night, the next step when making pure nicotine is to obtain a pot and some paper towels. The paper towel is then placed over the pot and the mixture is strained through it. Care must be taken to ensure that none of the tobacco grounds end up in the pot, as this would contaminate the pure nicotine. After as much as been run through the towel and into the pot as possible, squeeze the remaining liquid in the paper towel into the pot. The remaining tobacco and paper towel are then disposed of.

Now that all the liquid is inside of the pot, you should boil the liquid. The purity of the nicotine is dependent upon how much of the water evaporates. To make the pure nicotine as concentrated and strong as possible, boil as much water away as you can. After the water is boiled away, you have succeeded in making pure nicotine. The pot will now contain nicotine in its purest, deadliest form. This mixture will be extremely thick and will resemble molasses. Before collecting the pure nicotine, it's essential to make sure you're wearing latex gloves and safety glasses to avoid harmful contact. The pure nicotine can then be scraped out of the pot and stored in a sealed plastic container.


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