How To Make Pyramid Centerpieces

If you are looking to have a wedding that has something to do with Egypt, then you might be interested in having these pyramid centerpieces. These centerpieces can be done easily and fairly quickly. If you are looking to have a costume party where the theme is Egyptian, then this would be a good idea for you to place on the tables that will be having food on them as well as throughout the rooms that you will be using.

You will want to find a template to use for your pyramid as well as purchasing some sand to put onto your pyramid to make it appear as being more real. The sand that you will want to purchase should be a combination of a red and yellow. Most of the pyramids in Egypt are not just created out of yellow sand. Since this is the case it would make more sense to use a number of colors other than just yellow.

Once you have downloaded a template and are ready to begin, you will need to print out the template and lay it out on some cardboard to use as a guideline. Once this has been done, cut the cardboard out and score the edges that you will need to fold.

Once you have cut the cardboard make sure that you have the tabs to be glued together. These tabs will be what will hold the pyramid in the shape of a pyramid. Make sure that you have a strong enough glue that can be used to hold it together. Once the glue is on the tabs and you are holding the pyramid in its shape, hold there for a quite a few moments in order to be sure it will hold its shape.

Once you have gotten the pyramid to hold its shape and its ready to be used, then use your sand that you purchased and do this over a newspaper to make sure that you do not get sand all over the place. If you do not have any newspaper or are afraid that this will still make a mess then use a cookie sheet. Cover the pyramid with Elmer glue and then slowly at the top of the pyramid paint the glue so that it is even throughout the whole pyramid. This allows for runs to not happen when you are using your sand. Once the glue is in place you will want to spread the sand out from the top going down. This will allow you to make a even amount of sand on the top and the bottom. Once you have done this allow the pyramid to draw.

Take a small piece of cardboard and cut a pattern of what bricks would look like and you will only want a small slit really to be in the cardboard. This will allow for just a small amount of spray paint to escape. Take the spray paint and paint a pattern of bricks on the pyramid. This adds a small amount of detail to the pyramid. Then allow it to set for a day before placing on any tables to make sure that any excess of sand has felled off from the pyramid.


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