How To Make Quilt Labels

The quilt label is your claim to fame. Quilts are usually passed down from generation to generation and often the one who first made the quilt is often forgotten as time and people move on.

How your quilt label will look depends on how creative you are and how great a sewer you’ve become as well. Things that are found in the quilt label include the quilt maker’s name, the date the quilt was finished, the family it belongs to and the location where the family lives… information like that. In fact, any information the quilt maker wants to add, it can be found in the quilt label.

Below are simple instructions on how you can make a quilt label for quilts you may want to start.

  • Step 1:  Decide what information goes on the quilt label. Do you want your name on it? The date you began and finished? Your family name represented by a coat of arms? Always figure out what the quilt label has to say first so that you can lay it out properly.
  • Step 2:  Design your quilt label. An attractive quilt label is often one that has an organic pattern or design stitched to it. If you put in design elements willy-nilly, your quilt label will look confusing and amateurish. Depending on your skills, you may want to sketch out the design first.
  • Step 3:  On your quilt, stitch in an extra quilt square for the quilt label. Where you want to situate it is entirely up to you, but the more common place to put it is at the bottom row of blocks. But just because this is where most quilters put it, that doesn’t mean it’s for you. Your quilt should be a reflection of who you are and who your family is as well. Your quilt label should also reflect that about you.
  • Step 4: You can use either cotton or muslin for your quilt label. If you decide to use cotton, you should pick out a solid color for it. First draw the design on the fabric and then write it using the appropriate marker colors. Be advised that cotton fabrics contain sizing that makes it difficult for ink to settle in. So if you go with cotton for your quilt label, prewash it first.
  • Step 5: Get pens that contain permanent ink and are made specifically for writing on fabric. Getting fine points will allow you to write delicately and be more detailed with your label designs.  Smaller points also bleed less on the strands as it writes. You should get .01 and .05 diameter pens; these will suit your needs nicely.  

Note: If you’ve decided to make your quilt label on the computer and then will transfer it to the quilt later, you should iron solid colored fabric to a piece of freezer paper. You can then feed this into your ink jet printers to make the quilt label.

Your quilt tells the story of how it was made; the quilt label is your way of signing your name on to that story.


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