How to Make Ribbon Bows

Gift box with red ribbon bow

Ribbon bows are great way to help decorate anything that you are decorating. It is a great way to add color to a wedding or a great way put the finishing touch onto a gift package. Ribbon bows can be used for corsages or for bouts for a dance or a wedding party. The bow is a beautiful addition to just about anything.

A bow ribbon can be easily made. All you need is the ribbon and your hands. A ribbon bow is made when you wrap the ribbon around your fingers creating loops. These looks are all the same size you get done. You usually start with five or six different wraps that create a loop for you. To make a larger ribbon bow, you will want to spread out your fingers. In order to make a ribbon bow look fuller and feel fuller, you will want to add a lot more loops than just 5 or 6.

The first thing you will need to do to make a ribbon bow is to create the wraps described above. Once you have the wraps completed, you will need to fold the loops you made in half.

Take a pair of scissors and cut a "V" into each one of the sides. Make sure that you do not cut the ribbon all the distance to the center . This will make it very unsturdy to work with.

Now you need to tie the bow together. You will want to coordinate each tie. You will tie the bow with the coordinating narrow ribbon of the same color in the center. If you don't want to use ribbon to hold your bow together, you can use a tying wire that will be able to hold the bow into place. You would place the wire into the center and then wrap it tightly by twisting the wire closed.

Once the ribbon bow is being held together, you will need to separate the looks one by one. Do this from the right to the left, as well as from the inside out. As you pull out the loop, you will want to twist it towards you as you are pulling it from out of the center of the bow. You will want to complete one side of the bow before you go to the other side of the bow.

You are almost finished. Take your scissors and trim the short ends of the ribbon in an angle. This add character to your ribbon bows as well as adds class to your ribbon bows.


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