How To Make Rolled Hems on Doll Clothes

Doll clothes are something that you can make your for daughter. You can easily make doll clothes in different designs out of scrap fabric that you have at home. One of the things that you should know how to do is to roll the hem on the doll clothes so that you can sew them nicely. Find out how to do this by following these easy steps.

  • Materials to prepare. The materials that you need for this project are a needle and thread, sewing pins, measuring tape, iron, ribbons and trimmings and glue gun.
  • Prepare the hem. Lay down the garment that you are using on a flat surface. You have to measure the hem line that you are going to fold up. You can use about half an inch and measure all around the garment. Remember that the hem line should be equal all around the garment. After determining the measurement of the fold, use the iron to make a crease on the fold of the hem. This will make it easier for you to hem the garment later on. You can pin the hem line first as a guide while ironing.
  • Sew the hem. Now you have a crease for the hem. You have to make another crease. Fold the hem up until the crease that you made. Afterwards, iron the hem again to make another crease. You can now sew the hem in place. To do this, fold the hem up until the first crease and then fold again until the second crease. Now you can sew the hem together using a needle and thread. The double crease on the garment will make sure that the hem stays in place and that the ends won’t fray.
  • Add ribbons. To make the hems of the doll clothes more interesting, you can add some ribbons or trimmings. This is a good addition especially if you are working on a dress or a skirt for the doll. Just cut a ribbon the length of the hem all around and then use glue gun to stick the ribbon on the doll clothes.

Now you know how to make rolled hems on doll clothes. You can make different types of doll clothes. To learn how to make doll clothes, visit some of the websites below for doll clothes patterns.

  • All Crafts is a website where you can find patterns for doll clothes. Some of the clothes patterns that they have are for porcelain dolls, china dolls, Barbie dolls and many more. There are plenty of patterns to choose from include a mermaid costume, scarecrow and many more.
  • Bev's Country Cottage is another website where you can find patterns for doll clothes. These patterns are for fashion doll and baby dolls. Some of the patterns include a sundress, cardigan pants, sweater set, red sparkle gown, poodle skirt, overalls and many more.
  • Crazy for Barbie is a website where you can get patterns to make Barbie clothes. There are skirt patterns, valentine dress, summer dress and jackets.


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