How To Make Rolling Bags

Imagine your traveling life without rolling bags. Can you ever carry loads and loads of different stuff without the hassle? For sure, you can never do that—without losing all your calories. Good thing, even a frugal life will not stop you from enjoying the benefits of using rolling bags as your luggage, because you can surely create your very own version of rolling bags.

Wenger bags, trolley bags, rolling cases, and rolling suitcases have something in common—they have wheels. Even the simplest women's laptop bags can be called a rolling bag if these have wheels. So now, you surely get the idea of how you can turn your common back pack, handbag, or shopping bag into a nice and comfy rolling bag. If you have more time, you can even create new wenger bags, trolley bags, women laptop bags, rolling cases, and rolling suitcases.

Here is the complete process for a DIY rolling bag:

  1. Make a bag! The best bag for this project is something durable enough to carry lots of stuffs. Never pick a textile that is too soft for a bag. Similar textiles to those used for luggage is the most ideal to be used when making the bag for the rolling bag. You can look for a separate instruction on how to make a DIY bag.
  2. Make a stand and handle assembly. Measure the height of the bag—that will be the length of the two poles that will support the bag. You can buy a metal pole from your nearest hardware store or textile stores. You may use wood for this if you want a more classic appeal but the metal will be more durable. Also, you may want to create a pull-up hand assembly connected to the stand assembly. This can be a very tedious task especially if you don’t have the needed tools to make this correctly. A simple mistake on the measurement might ruin the stand-hand assembly part. So, for a DIY rolling bag, it’s better to settle on a non-pull-up hand assembly. You can wrap the hand assembly with rubber so it will be convenient for the hands when you carry it.
  3. Prepare the base and the wheels. A flat metal with the same size of the bag’s bottom will be enough to work as a base. It will be ideal also that you make a good support for the bag’s bottom with a hard carton. Put the hard carton inside the bag and connect that to the base using some screws.Aside from metal, you may also use wood as a classy-looking alternative. Rolling bags can either have two wheels or four wheels. It’s up to you but the safest is to have two wheels only. You can use the old wheels of a broken baby stroller or anything similar to these. If you will use a two-wheel rolling bag, you will still need a stand for the front. You can use the excess metal from the poles for this. Just make sure that the two stands are of the same length. Simply attach the metal pole to the base by welding. If you choose to have it wood-made then you need to engrave enough holes so that the two poles can be attached to it. You may use special wood glue for better durability.

Before using your DIY rolling bags, you should try using it in your house first. This way, you will detect some mistakes on its constructions or you can improve the bag before you proudly use it for your next international travel.


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