How To Make Roman Armor

Are you fascinated with the great Roman Empire? These were the people that forged Western civilization. Without them we would not exist and the world would be different.  They were master fighters, planners and one of the tools they used to rule the western hemisphere was their armor. So, let's learn how to make Roman Armor.

What you will need:

  • Buckles and straps
  • Sheet metal
  • Welding equipment
  • Welding materials
  • Lathe
  • A forge

You will need to prepare your equipment, your forge and your lathe. If you don't know how to use a welder, a forge and a lathe then you will need to find a professional welder to help.

Take your measurements. You need to measure the circumference of your arm several times from your shoulder to your elbow. Because this measurement changes you need to measure about every two inches from the shoulder down toward your elbow. These are the measurements that you will need to create the metal plates that go from the top of your arm down to the elbow. You also have to allow about an inch of room on the plate for the attachment area where you will use the strapping material and leave some room for movement of the arm.

Measure your chest from armpit to armpit and down to the top of the groin. Measure the width about every two inches as that will be the measurement of the bands. You are going to create overlapping metal plates so again you need to leave about a half inch on each side to strap the metal plates together.

Now it's time to cut the steel pieces to the measurements you made. Every strip of metal should only be about two inches wide.  Heat the forge and shape your metal. When the pieces are cool you want to test them against your body to make sure it is form fitting but not too tight. After you have the shapes, then you want to polish and buff the metal edges down.

You can now attach your leather straps to the end pieces and secure all the pieces to your arms and your torso. You will probably need some help fitting these together. The effect of the armor should be that of an armadillo's skin with overlapping layers.


The last step is to attach the shoulder pieces using leather straps and then to attach the arm pieces to these shoulder pieces. You have to keep trying the armor on to make sure that it fits you snugly, but not too tight. Once you have finished strapping all of the metal pieces together you have your incredible Roman armor.


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