How To Make Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are window treatments similar to Roman shades except that they use different materials to create the same look. The classic style of fabric that folds up gracefully from the bottom can be achieved to look similar to window blinds. To do this, follow these instructions for an elegant and sophisticated Roman blind.

Tape measure
Woven bamboo mat
Pulleys with lift rings and cord assembly
Hot glue gun with glue

  1. Measure the window. Roman blinds should be placed so that they sit inside the window trim. Measure the window width, height and depth inside the window frame and trim. Measure twice; then add at least thirteen inches to the length before cutting your fabric.
  2. Prepare the blinds. You should be able to find the bamboo mat at your local craft store. Whenever possible purchase a complete mat sheet that fits your window measurements. Cutting the mat can be tricky so try to get the right amount on your first try. These shades also benefit from a valance. Purchase a plain valance kit at the craft store then cut four inches of the extra length you purchased and glue them to the valance for a complete and sophisticated look.
  3. Attach fabric to top rail. The rail should be a piece of wood 1” x 2” that fits under the valance. The valance will hide the hardware while creating a finished look for the blinds.
  4. Attach the hardware. Position the pulleys, rings and cords so that when the shade is raised, the lift rings stack up to cause folds in the blinds. You determine the fold depth and how it will stack by where you place the lift rings. The pulleys are placed at the top rail and the cord is threaded through the assembly. Attach the pulleys to the bottom of the top rail one on each end and one in the center of the board. For a large window you may want to attach additional pulleys and lift lines but this is up to you.
  5. Hang the blinds. Once the hardware is attached you may want to test the folds to make sure they lift properly. Secure the blinds under the valance assembly. Your new window treatment should be ready to use.

One reason some people prefer blinds to draperies is that with the woven mat nature of the blinds, they allow some sunlight to peek in. Roman blinds offer the beauty of Roman shades and elegant window treatments with the casual comfort of sunlight peaking through the blinds.


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