How To Make Roses Out of Construction Paper

One of the things you can do to keep your children occupied is by preparing some arts and crafts activities for them. This is better that having them sit around all day watching television or playing video games. When they do arts and crafts, they can develop their imagination and use their creativity. A nice project that you can make is roses made of construction paper. This is a project that can be done as Valentine’s Day approaches. Follow the steps to find out how to do this.

  • Materials to prepare. The materials that you need are red, white, pink and green construction paper, scissors and glue.
  • Make the stem. The first step and the easiest part of this project is making the stem for the rose. To do this, just roll the green construction paper tightly and glue the edges. You can secure the stem with a rubber band while waiting for the glue to dry so that the roll does not spread open. Another alternative is to use a barbecue stick and wrap it with the green construction paper. This will provide a sturdier stem so that you can plant the roses on a Styrofoam block for decoration.
  • Draw the other parts. Get red, white and pink construction paper and start drawing the petals for the rose. You can draw the petals in different sizes and shapes to make the roses more realistic. Get another piece of green construction paper and draw the leaves for the roses. You can draw some vines on the leaves.
  • Cut the petals and leaves. Cut out the petal pieces and the leaves. If you are working with kids, you have to be the one to cut the shapes out to avoid accidents. Place them in a pile or in a container to prevent them from flying around.
  • Make the paper roses. To start making the rose, roll a small ball out of red construction paper. You can just crumple the paper. The size should be smaller than a ping-pong ball. Attach the ball to the end of the stem by using glue. You can secure it with tape too. Afterwards, start sticking on the petals one by one starting from the base of the ball. Work your way around until you form a rose. Try making different colors of roses for more variety.
  • Finish the project. You can make a bouquet of roses by making plenty of roses and then tying up the stems together with a ribbon. Another idea is to display them in a bottle or use a Styrofoam block and stick the roses there. Display the works of art of your kids around the house so that visitors can see them.

Now you know how to make roses out of construction paper. The steps are really easy. You can add other decorations to the roses such as glitters. Try and make other types of flowers with the construction paper so that you can come up with a nice paper flower bouquet that has a variety of flowers.


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