How To Make Sachet Bags

Sachet bags are small bags that you can use for giveaways, to store jewelry or as a bag for potpourri. You can purchase sachet bags in different sizes from arts and crafts stores but you can also make your own so that you can make it in the exact measurement that you want. The steps are really easy. Find out how to make sachet bags by reading the following steps:

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for this project are linen, ¼ inch ribbons, glue gun, beads, thread, needle, sewing machine, scissors, ruler and other adornments that you would like to add to decorate the sachet bag. Some of the decorations you can use are buttons, rhinestones and beads.
  • Measure the size of the sachet bags. Determine the size of the sachet bags that you want. Use a ruler to draw the measurements on the linen cloth. You need 2 pieces of the same size to make one sachet bag. Make sure that you add about half an inch all over so that you can have sewing allowance. Cut the pieces of linen.
  • Sew the sachet bags. Use your sewing machine to sew the sachet bag. Make sure that you sew the linen together wrong side out. Sew the widths and the bottom part but leave the top part open. You can also hand stitch the sachet bags if you are making small ones since it can be hard to sew small pieces with a sewing machine. Turn the sachet bag over so that the right side is facing outwards. The next step is to sew the top portion. Fold the top portion and sew it on a straight line so that you form a hole for the ribbon.
  • Add the ribbon. Insert the ribbon through the hole at the top portion of the sachet bag. Pull the ribbon through until it appears on the other side. Cut the ribbon and tie the ends together. You can add beads at the end of the ribbon to prevent it from slipping through the hole.
  • Decorate the sachet bags. Now you can decorate the sachet bags. Use your creativity and imagination when decorating so that you can come up with the most unique sachet bag. You can add embroidery to the linen or glue on some rhinestones. Another idea is to paint on the linen with fabric paint and some stencils.
  • Use the sachet bags. You can use the sachet bags for many different purposes. To add fragrance to your pillow, purchase some potpourri and add them inside the sachet bag. Put the bag inside your pillow. Another idea is to fill the sachet bag with some candies and treats to give away during children’s parties or Halloween.

It is that simple to make your own sachet bags. For variety, you can use different kinds of fabric such as silk, velvet or cotton. Purchase fabric in different prints if you do not have time to decorate the sachet bags.


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