How To Make Salt Dough

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Salt dough is an easy and cheap way to create unique ornaments and crafts that you can give as gifts to everyone that you love. Making salt dough is incredibly simple to do, making it a wonderful craft to do with children of all ages.

Before you begin to make salt dough you will need to gather the ingredients. For a basic batch of salt dough you will need 2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 cup salt, and 3/4 cup of water. You may also want food coloring to color the dough, though many people prefer to paint the dough crafts when they are finished. You will also need a mixing bowl, a rolling pin, a cookie sheet, and cookie cutters to cut shapes out with. Paint brushes, acrylic paint, and a sealant will add the finishing touches.

To make your salt dough mix together the flour, salt, and water in your mixing bowl. Knead the ingredients until a thick dough forms. You can add food coloring before you begin kneading if you want to dye the dough. Because the dough is made from edible ingredients it is safe to use around young children and pets. However, the salt and flour does taste horrible so there is little worry of the dough being consumed.

Once you have kneaded your salt dough you can begin to create shapes with it. The easiest way is to roll the dough flat and cut out shapes with the cookie cutters. This is a simple way to create shapes that are well developed. The more creative may prefer to skip using cookie cutters and craft their designs by hand. If you plan to hang your salt dough craft use a toothpick to poke a hole in the top now, or add a hanger to the back now.

When your shapes are ready, lay them flat on a cookie sheet. They can be quickly dried in the oven at 200 degrees F, 93 degrees C. You can also dry salt dough shapes by leaving them to lie in the open air for two days. Baking at the low temperature is said to be the better option as it reduces the chances of cracking while drying.

Once dry, salt dough pieces can be painted with acrylic paints. Once the paint dries, salt dough crafts should be sealed with a polyurethane spray or clear varnish. Even if you do not paint your salt dough crafts it is important to seal them. This keeps out moisture and protects the dough from rotting or crumbling away.

After the sealant dries you can enjoy your salt dough crafts. Hang them from walls as decorations or give them as gifts to others. When you make salt dough crafts you have great handmade crafts with little cost or effort.


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