How To Make Sand Candles

Sand candles make good decorations that are useful at the same time. They are also very economical to make, since you need not buy all the materials that will be used. Here are the simple steps in making sand candles:

1. Prepare the materials needed. For a sand candle, you will need the following:

-    Sand
-    Water
-    Spray water bottle
-    Spoon or flat stick
-    Thin stick
-    Dish pan
-    Newspaper
-    Used or broken candles
-    Pan and cooking stove, to be used in melting the candles
-    Candle wick
-    Used crayons
-    Shells, or any accessories for designing the sand candle (beads, buttons, ribbons)
-    Any item that can be used as a mold (cup, bowl, empty cans)

2. Create your sand design. Place the sand in a dishpan and spray it with water until it is firm enough to be molded. Use your preferred mold and place the moist sand inside. Then create a hole in the middle of the sand mold. You can place the shells or buttons at the inner sides of the mold, making sure it will be in contact with the melted wax when it is poured into the mold later.

3. Melt your candles. Melt the candles, and remove the wicks from the old candles, if there are any. If your candle wax is white, you can add crayons and melt it with the candle to add your preferred color. When the candle is melted, pour it in to the sand mold. Wait for the wax to cool a little, and then place the wick in the middle of the wax. You may need more than one wick if your mold is wide. Tie or clip the upper end of the wick to a stick to hold it while the wax cools and hardens.

4. Finish your sand candle. When the candle wax has cooled and hardened, you can dig out the candle from the mold by using a spoon or a flat stick. Make sure you do not accidentally remove the shells or buttons. Once the candle has been taken out of the mold, brush off the excess sand or wash it under running water. Make sure that the wick does not get in contact with the water.

Place the molded sand candle on a newspaper to dry. If the exposed wick is too long, cut it so that only ¼ of an inch from the top is exposed. You can now light your new sand candle.

For other designs, you can add scented oil to the melted wax to end up with scented sand candles.

To make use of a gel candle, you can also place another mold (a thick glass or wooden rod) in the middle of the sand mold, and pour in melted wax. The rod should not touch the bottom of the sand mold to make sure the wax covers the bottom and sides, and will look like a hollow cylinder. Once the wax hardens, you can take it off the sand mold, and then pour in a gel candle with the wick in the middle.


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