How To Make Scented Oils for Burning

Scented oils are basically natural oils or essential oils that are scented to create aromas that are soothing and calming.  A variety of scents are now available in the market and it can become costly to acquire the selection you desire.  If you are passionate about scents and financial constraints are inevitable, why not just make your own scented oils? Yes, it is not only possible, it is easy to create scented oils on your own, with the added advantage of getting to create your favorite scents.

To create your own scented oil, you just need to prepare the following:

  • 2 glass canning jars (commonly called Mason jars)
  • 3-4 cups of your favorite scent-producing flower or herb
  • A half cup of carrier oil (it can be almond oil or olive oil)
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Cheesecloth
  • Lamp oil, wick burning lamp or tea-light oil burning lamp

Here are the steps to follow in making the scented oil:

  • Crush the flowers or herbs. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the flowers or herbs gently until the fragrances and fluids come out. You can substitute a durable bag and a rolling pin for the mortar and pestle.
  • Mix the mashed flowers and the oil well. Put them inside one Mason jar. Make sure that the jar is tightly closed. You can mix them by simply shaking the jar or turning it upside down several times.
  • Age the mixture for a week in a warm place. Place the jar in a warm area in your house where the sun shines through (it can be your window sill) for a week. Frequently shake the jar to blend the mixture. It will be best if your jar is kept between 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Age the oil for another two weeks. After a week, place your mixture jar into a dark place. Wait for another two weeks before you touch it. Just set it aside and never shake it. With this process, the oil will persist on absorbing the fragrance of the flowers.
  • Strain and filter. After two weeks of aging, prepare the other Mason jar and place the cheesecloth on its opening. Pour the mixture into the other jar and strain it using the cheesecloth. Squeeze out the cheesecloth to get the spare oil absorbed by the cloth. Make sure that there are no bits of flowers in your jar. If so, strain again until you get pure oil.
  • Set into your lamp. Put some amount into your burning lamp and you can now enjoy the scent of your homemade essential oil.

With these easy steps, you can make different scented oils all at the same time. You can even experiment by combining different flowers or herbs to arrive at custom aromas of your own. You can also vary the strength of the oil scent by adding more flowers and herbs. Popular scents are lavender, rosemary, citrus, cinnamon and gardenia.


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