How To Make Scrapbook Embellishments from Wedding Cards

Scrapbooking is a way to preserve special memories. This is also a hobby that you can make on your free time. You can put pictures, artwork or memorable things in your scrapbook and write notes about these. You need to have a scrapbook album to do this. There are albums, which are bound permanently, and there are also albums, which allow you to add more pages. To make your scrapbook even more beautiful and fun to make, you can add designs using different craft materials. There are several scrapbook embellishments that you can buy on craft stores like stamp, stickers, lace, fabric, letters, ribbon, sequins and wire. There are also craft materials available online. If you’re married, you will surely have cards given to you on your wedding day. You can make a scrapbook for your wedding and use the wedding cards you received to design your scrapbook.

Here are the steps on how to make scrapbook embellishments from wedding cards.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in making scrapbook embellishments from wedding cards. These are tape or glue, scissors and wedding cards. Get all the wedding cards that you received on your wedding day. If there are wedding cards, which you wish to keep, set these aside and collect all the cards that you can use for this project. You also need to think of a theme for your scrapbook so that you will know which cards you can use.
  • Cut the pictures from the front part of the cards. Get your scissors and cut the front part of the wedding cards. This will make it easier for you to cut the pictures and texts than if these are attached to the back part of the cards. Wedding cards will usually have pictures of rings, bride, groom and things that have something to do with wedding. Cut these carefully so you can use these for designing your scrapbook. You can also cut words printed in front of the cards, which you can put on your scrapbook. Individual letters are sold for scrapbooking. You can have your own by cutting letters from the cards. Separate the cut outs so that it will be easier for you to design the scrapbook. You can also cut out different shapes from these like hearts and flowers. Put all the pictures together then put all the cut out words together and put the individual letters together.
  • Cut words printed or written inside the cards. There are usually quotes or messages printed inside the card. If you find a quote or message that you really like, you can cut this and put on your scrapbook. You can also cut the whole message and make this as a background for the pictures you cut out. Get one of the pictures you cut out and paste on top of the message so the picture will have a design at the back. If there are personal messages written on the cards, which you really like you, you can cut these and include in your scrapbook.

Once you’re done cutting the embellishments for your scrapbook, you can now start designing it. Position the embellishments first where you want to place them. Once you’re sure that you like the output, you can then glue or tape these.


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