How To Make Scrapbook Sidebars

There are many wonderful techniques to learn that will enhance your scrapbooking pages. One of these techniques involves making sidebars for your scrapbook pages. Sidebars are a simple variation on a background page that enriches the overall look of single and two-page spread layouts.

Creating sidebars in a scrapbook is an easy technique to learn and one that also creates a unique platform for journaling, stamping, or other embellishments you may wish to employ. Begin by selecting two papers that are complimentary. You may wish to choose papers with a stark color contrast or a more analogous color scheme. When creating an analogous color scheme, you should choose colors that are next to one another on a common color wheel. Perform a quick web search to find great resources for color schemes. You will be glad that you did.

Once you’ve selected your papers, you will want to decide how wide you would like your sidebar in a scrapbook to be. A common width for these is two and a half inches. Use your judgment to decide and then cut a strip from a typical 12” x 12” sheet at the desired width. It is best to use a rotary paper trimmer for the most precise cut. After you’ve cut your sidebar strip, you simply need to adhere it to the selected background paper.

Beginning at the left margin, position the sidebar so that its left edge matches flush with the left edge of the background paper. The top and bottom of the sidebar should fit perfectly on the 12” x 12” sheet without hanging over the background paper. If the sidebar paper does extend past the edges of your background paper, use straight edge scissors to trim down the sidebar to perfection. When this is completed, you’ve made your first sidebar in a scrapbook!

There are a wide range of options available, for you to choose from, when attaching your sidebar to a scrapbook page. Simply choose the method you are most comfortable with. Many scrappers prefer the popular roll-on adhesive glue dots. Alternate methods include brads and eyelets, as well as stitching, 3D-Dots (3-dimensional accent adhesive), and ribbon, among others. There are no limits to the creative possibilities here – making sidebars in a scrapbook an imaginative element that greatly enhances your page layouts.

Now that your sidebar is in place, you may choose to embellish it further. Small paper strips or ribbon make great enhancements and they’re easy to cut to fit your project. Stamping always adds finesse as well as stickers, journaling, lace, and more. Be creative and have fun creating sidebars in a scrapbook and keep these sidebars as simple or elaborate as needed, to fit your project needs.


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