How To Make Seed Bead Patterns

Seed bead patterns can be used in various craft projects. You have a myriad of choices in making patterns because there are almost unlimited colors, sizes, shapes that you can combine or arrange to create interesting designs or motifs. It’s easy to make seed bead patterns once you know the basic skills and techniques. Below are steps and guides to help you make seed bead patterns.

  • Tools that you need to make seed bead patterns. They are small embroidery hoop, white felt squares, size 12 beading needles, size 11 glass seed beads, size B nylon beading thread, small scissors, and bottles or jars. You can buy these items in your local craft store. However, look for these items around your house before buying. Use the money that you’ll save to buy materials that will enhance your skills and design like elegant beading threads and magazines.
  • Learn the fundamentals of working with seed beads. Having a basic threading skill is a must to make this craft. You must also know how to use the important supplies and tools in beading.
  • Think of a design type that you want to create. This will be your first project and having a design choice that you like will give you the passion to make the project successful. The design type can be an intricate beaded purse or a simple patterned strand. Begin with a basic project if you haven’t had a beading experience yet.
  • Plot your motif on a graphing paper. Designate each seed bead on the graphing paper squares. The pattern that will emerge on the graph paper will help you plot the size and shape of your first seed bead pattern project.
  • Get your bead supplies. You can identify your needed supplies through the pattern you’ve created. You can buy bead supplies at bead and craft stores. You can also buy online. There are lots of choices on the web. However, buy from a power seller to avoid fraud.
  • Tips in gathering bead supplies. Look for old beads from broken accessories in your house to save money. Also, look for old buttoned shirts because you can add the bottoms in your future bead designs.  Remember that you can make attractive bead designs by being innovative and creative.
  • Arrange your bead supplies. Put your beads in a transparent bead box so you can easily see and arrange your beads. Look for empty peanut butter or mayonnaise jars in your house and clean them; you can put big beads in these jars that you may use on intricate projects later.  
  • Actualize your design. Carefully follow your pattern. However, you can make amendments because ideas might pop out while you’re threading your beads. Remember that patterns only serve as guides; you can make them better as you work on your design.

You can follow designs from magazines and books at your first attempts. However, you must try to create your own design once you get the pulse in beading. You can give the beads to people close to you or you can consign them at a local craft store. Ask people to give comments and suggestions on your designs so you can improve your craft. 


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