How To Make / Sew a Sock Monkey Puppet

Sock monkeys are one of the best toys to give children. Sock monkeys come in different colors and designs to appeal to children. Giving a sock monkey to your child is one way to improve your child’s imagination. The sock monkey can be used for puppet shows storytelling or just about anything. You can make a sock monkey with just a few materials.

Follow the instructions provided below to know how you can make your own sock monkey puppet:

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for making the sock monkey are a pair of socks, needle, thread, scissors, buttons, stuffing and other accessories that you want to decorate your sock monkey with. For the socks, it will be nicer if you get a pair where the heels and toes are a different color from the main tube of the socks. This will give your monkey a nicer appearance.
  • Make the legs and the neck. Get one of the socks and turn it inside out. Afterwards, divide the socks in half lengthwise so that you can come up with two long strips. These are going to be the legs and the neck for the sock monkey. Fold one of the pieces in half so that you can start making the legs. Make sure that the legs are equal. Start stitching up the legs and put some stuffing inside when you are done. Leave the upper part connecting the legs to the torso open so that you can sew it on the body later on. The other piece is the neck. Just sew the piece into a tube and put some stuffing inside. Set these pieces aside.
  • Make the arms. Get the other sock that you have. Cut it crosswise to separate the main tube of the sock from the heel. Cut the other part to separate the heel from the part that goes on the foot. You will end up with 3 pieces. The tube of the socks will be used for the arm. Cut it in two pieces and form a tube with each piece. Put some stuffing inside and set it aside.
  • Make the head or face. You will use the lower part of the sock for the head of the sock monkey. This should be easy since it is already formed. You just have to put some stuffing inside. Sew on buttons for the eyes of the monkey.
  • Make the nose. Use the heel that you cut out earlier for the nose. For this, you will just have to sew lines at the center for the nostrils.
  • Connect pieces together. Now that you have all the pieces, all you have to do is connect them together. First, sew on the nose to the face. Leave space to put stuffing inside the nose. After putting in the stuffing, sew the opening. Next, attach the legs and the arms of the sock monkey to the body. Now you have your very own sock monkey!

You can add other accessories to your monkey such as beads, ribbons and frills. Use your imagination or ask your child to help you decorate the sock monkey.


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