How To Make Silk Rose Petals

Silk rose petals make beautiful decorations, especially for weddings or other springtime celebrations. Silk rose petals, unlike the real thing, won't wilt or begin to turn brown. You don't have to worry about them becoming too dry and crumbling before the day of the party. Though most people choose to buy them in bags of petals, you can actually make your own silk petals. By making them yourself, you can control their size, as well as the color.  Here's how to make silk rose petals:

Materials and supplies:

Very sharp scissors
Silk, rayon or a similar fabric, depending on the texture you want in the finished petals
Cardboard or thick paper, for a pattern
RIT dye, water, and large container or Design Master silk flower spray

  1. Cut a template. Although the silk petals will vary in shape, you'll want to have an idea of the shapes you want. Cut out a pattern from thick paper or cardboard in the shape of a rose petal or teardrop.
  2. Cut the silk. Your next step is to cut the flower petals from the silk. You can start with any color silk; match it to the décor, or start with white petals. You can always dye them later. Depending on the size of the petals and how closely you cut them, you should be able to get several hundred from each yard of silk. Try to cut them on the bias, which will encourage the flowers to curl at the edges, like real flowers.
  3. Dye the rose petals. If you want to dye them a custom color to match your color scheme, the two main options are RIT dye or Design Master color spray designed for silk flowers. When using RIT dye, use lots of water. Test the diluted dye on just a few petals, for ranges of a few seconds to a few minutes, until you achieve the color you want. Use this dye concentration and length of time to dye the rest of the petals. You may want to do it in small batches so that there is some natural variation in the petal colors. Food coloring is not suggested for silk flowers, because the color usually comes out too intense. When you're done, spritz them with rose water or another scent to make them smell like real flower petals.
  4. Use them in your décor. Silk rose petals can be used throughout your wedding décor, especially on the tables or on the aisle. They can also be tossed at the bridge and groom as they exit, in lieu of birdseed or rice. Silk rose petals can be used in a variety of creative ways. These silk pedals can be saved for use in later weddings or other events.

Silk flowers are a versatile and beautiful way to decorate your wedding or any other event. Making your own silk flower petals is easy, and you can precisely control the texture, shape, size, and color of your petals.


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