How To Make Simple Science Toys

Entertainment for kids does not have to be mind-numbing. There are plenty of toys that can be as educational as they are fun. As most parents know, the number of science toys out in the market today is growing quite fast. These science toys usually incorporate scientific principles to help teach the children something while entertaining the kids. The problem, however, is that most of these science toys are quite expensive. Here’s how you can make simple science toys at home, without having to burn out your budget.

  • Bottle tornadoes. One of the easiest toys that you can make is the bottle tornado. The bottle tornado requires only some masking tape, some glue, and two soda bottles. The soda bottles should be made of plastic and should be able to hold around a liter of water each. If you can find two liter soda bottles, the better. These two liter bottles may be a bit heavy, but they hold more water. Simply fill one bottle with water, and then connect the other bottle on top, so that the bottle lips are touching each other. Afterwards, use tape and some glue to effectively seal the two bottles. To use the bottle tornadoes, simply flip the bottles so that the water flows down while forming what looks like a tornado.
  • Straw whistle. Another easy science toy that you can make is the straw whistle. You can actually use ordinary plastic straws to create sound, by cutting the tips of the straw in such a way as to allow the plastic to vibrate. Simply take a clean straw and a scissor. Use the scissor to create a pointy edge on the straw. Just flatten the straw and remove the edges so that there are two pointed tips on the straw. Try blowing in some air from your mouth, and see if the straw whistles. If it does not whistle, this means that the tip is too long or too short. Make adjustments by shortening or lengthening the tip, until you are able to use the straw whistle to make sounds.
  • Exploring volcano. Finally, you can make your very own exploding volcano, which is one of the simplest and most basic science toys that most young children love. Simply take a two liter plastic soda bottle and add some baking soda inside. Take some clay and use it to form the cone for the volcano. Allow your child to decorate the volcano. If you are using colored clay, make sure that you choose brown clay fro the body of the volcano, and then add some green clay to create the appearance of forests growing on the volcano. The top of the volcano should be the lip of the bottle. To activate the volcano, simply pour in around a cup of vinegar. The acid from the vinegar and the base from the baking soda will react and create an ‘eruption.’

With these steps, you should be able to create simple science toys that your child will appreciate. Make sure that you end each play time by teaching the child about the science behind the toys that you make.


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