How To Make Sleepwear By Using Flannel

Sleepwear made with flannel has been a favorite for a long time. Flannel still exists even though a lot of other choices have come up. It is good to wear flannel most especially during wintertime. Flannel can be made from wool or cotton, and is easy to make into a nightgown or a pajama set, among other things. Buying flannel sleepwear can be costly, particularly if you need to buy for the whole family. Why not make one of your own? It will save you money, and you'll have fun making it!

Here are the steps in making your own flannel sleepwear:

  1. Get flannel material. You can find this material and patterns for sleepwear at any fabric store, such as JoAnn Fabrics.  Choose the pattern that you want. It is better to buy something with an easy design since this is your first time to attempt sewing sleepwear.
  2. Get ready with your materials—needles, threads, scissors, pins, elastic rubber, sewing machine. It is of course preferred to use a sewing machine, as it will not only go faster but the seams will be more even. If you are an expert at manual sewing then by all means do it your way.
  3. Find a good workplace and decide whether you want to make a flannel nightgown or men’s pajamas. You can use your old sleepwear as a pattern. Just trace it over a piece of pattern paper, making sure you have enough allowance for sewing over the places needed. If you are making plus size sleepwear for someone else, then that of course needs more than enough extra just to make sure. You can also download patterns over the internet and just follow them as you go along.
  4. Once you have sorted out your pattern, place it over the material and use pins to keep everything in place. If you are making pajamas, then you need to place the elastic by estimating the size of the waist minus an inch or two; cover the elastic with the fabric, then sew over.
  5. Sew the seams incisively. For nightgowns this is quite easy because you just need to sew along the sides, collar and armholes - but for pajama bottoms, you need to sew in a crotch. For the crotch you can reinforce the stitching by doing it twice and sew it from inside out. Give more allowance if this sleepwear is for boys or men.
  6. If you are doing this for someone else, try to have a fitting and see if the length of the waist to the crotch is enough. For nightgown, check if the length is not too short or long and there is enough space to breathe in.
  7. If everything seems to fit just right, then finish up your sewing. Cut off the frayed edges and tie off or trim any loose thread. Check if there are any pins still stuck in the cloth. Once it’s all done, you are ready to parade your sleepwear in your bedroom.

It would be easy to make a flannel sleepwear as long as you want to do it. Ask a bit of help from experienced sewers or just search online. Once you see the finished product and lounge in your sleepwear, it will be worth the time.


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