How To Make Slipcovers for Chairs

Slipcovers for your chairs are a great way to add pizzazz anywhere in your home. Slipcovers can be made quickly but last for years. The basic supplies for this project will include a sewing machine, an iron, a few yards of fabric, scissors, straight pins, Velcro and coordinating thread. You can also add finishing touches such as button or ribbon.
Before you spend hours in your favorite fabric store you need to measure the chair. Using craft paper and a pencil trace around the back and mark the bottom on both sides. Retrace the line and connect the two marks you made at the bottom of the chair back. Trace another line outside of your original shape ¼” on the top and two sides. Extend the bottom edge at least 3 inches or more depending on the thickness of the chair back. In order to figure out how much fabric you will need measure the length and width and then double them.
When looking for fabric keep in mind the colors in your room. If you have recently painted dig up those paint swatches from the hardware store and bring them along. Also consider the durability of the fabric you choose which will depend upon your intended use of the chair. To make the chairs nice and comfy you can also purchase quilter’s batting. You will only need enough for one side. You can also check out the notions department for additional trim to add on.

To begin your slipcovers for chairs iron your fabric to remove all wrinkles to ensure an accurate and easy cut then fold it in half. Most chairs are symmetrical so after you have cut out your pattern on the outside edges, fold it in half. Line up the fold in your fabric with the fold in your pattern and pin to secure. Trim to the edge of the pattern and transfer the marks at for the bottom edge of chair back. Repeat this step for the back.
Pin the rights sides of your two pieces of fabric together. If you are using batting pin this to one side and trim it to the size of your fabrics. Sew with a ¼” seam allowance around the top and two sides. Zigzag stitch at the bottom and up to the marks on each side separately. Clip corners and turn inside out. Iron the seams flat. Attach three pieces of Velcro on right side along the bottom edges. When you slide the fabric over your chair back you will attach the bottom edges together with one wrapping through the opening between the seat and chair back and the other folding inside. The slipcovers for chairs are ready to use and add some oomph to your home.


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