How To Make Slumber Party Invitations

There are a number of ways to make your slumber party invitations original and handmade to make your guests feel extra special when receiving an invite to your slumber party. By creating your own invitations, you are making your friends and family feel as if they are that much more special. To do this, you can follow the simple instructions provided to make slumber party invitations.

Step 1:

Choose the paper that you are going to use to create your slumber party invites. If you are hosting a slumber party for a girl then you are going to want to create invitations for the girls in pretty pinks and purples, maybe have the invitations contain a number of items that girls love. This could be a ballet shoe with a tutu or perhaps maybe have a pink stripped paper.

Step 2:

Choose the embellishments that you want to place onto the invitations. This might be some stickers of things that the girls like or love along with other embellishments as well. This could also be the use of thread to make some bows. Depending on the exact theme will depend on what kind of embellishments you are going to be placing on the invitations.

Step 3:

Add some decorative siding to the invitations with the use of scissors that will cut a pattern along the bottom and sides of the paper. This might be the use of a zigzag pattern. There are also scissors that will place a ripple effect on your paper and this would be a good idea for the use of a invitation that is aimed at little boys. This would make the theme of sailors and boats really well and does not take a lot of work to do either.

Step 4:

Next add some paper punch holes to the tops of the invitations. This would be a cute idea to allow a small portion of a picture that might be inside the invitation to peek through. This will give you a nice idea for use with a paper that has polka dots all over it. This is a common type of paper for some. With polka dots you might use a flower pattern or stickers on the top of the polka dots.

Step 5:

Use a calligraphy pen to add the writing to your invitations. This means that if you have a computer that has the calligraphy setting of a font then you will want to use this instead but have your invitations printed before you put any embellishments onto the paper as this will cause it to become stuck in the printer when it is feeding through. Once you have your invitations printed out or the writing added the last step is to stick it in the envelope to be handed out.


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