How To Make Soap Balls

Often the hobby of making homemade soaps can be quite costly. Many craft stores carry molds, ready make melt and pour soap base and other soap making supplies. Added together, it can become quite expensive to make homemade soap. Why spend all that money, when there are other ways to be creative. A good alternative that will not cost a lot of money is to take an existing bar of soap and re-configure it into a new shape. You can easily make decorative soap balls for display and use in your bathroom or for innovative gifts. Soap balls can be easily made from Ivory or Dove soap bars. Any plain white bar of soap will do.

You will need a cheese grater, six standard sized bars of Ivory or Dove soap, fragrance or essential oil, water, mixing bowl and plastic cutting board. You can purchase fragrance or essential oil at most craft and hobby stores, or through online stores.

Begin by grating up all of the bars of soap using a standard cheese grater. Place the shreds of soap into a bowl. Add a small amount of warm water. This will be about two tablespoonfuls. Blend together the soap and the water until it is a thick mass of soap. It should be pliable and easy to work with. If you have added too much water, simply drain it out onto paper towels. You may also add some more shredded soap if necessary. Regardless, make sure the mixture is pliable enough to work with, but not too thin. Add a couple of drops of fragrance or essential oil to the mixture and incorporate completely with your hands.

Once the mixture has been completely blended, form balls about the size of snowballs, and place on a cutting board to dry.

There are several options for making soap balls. When adding in the fragrance oil, add a couple of drops of dye to the soap. The options are limitless for color combinations. Dyes especially made for soap projects is available at craft stores alongside soap making supplies.

Make soap on a rope for the man in your life, by simply inserting a soft braided rope in the center of the soap balls while you are forming them. Tie a knot in the end, or form a loop for ease of use.

A great way to add fun to your kid's bath time is to hide a plastic toy inside each of the soap balls. Kids will have fun using up all of the soap just to get to the toy inside. Simply form the soap ball around the toys as you are making the soap, and let harden as usual.


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