How To Make Soap on a Rope

If your bar of soap falls out of your hands while you're washing, don't keep fumbling for it. Try putting it on a rope. Soap on a Rope is a great novelty that is practical in the shower and makes a great gift. You can purchase Soap on a Rope, but it's easy to make yourself. The following are directions on how to make Soap on a Rope.

Materials Needed:

  • two bars of soap
  • nylon rope
  • grater
  • measuring glass
  • pot
  • mold
  • dye
  • scents
  • 1/2 cup water

First select the type of soap you want to use. Use plain soap if you want to add color and scents later. Use the grater to shave the soap into thin slivers. Be careful not to cut your fingers as you grate the soap. Grate enough soap to make a cup of soap flakes. Place the slivers in the measuring glass.

Next, add a half cup of water to the soap flakes. Then, with the soap and water mixture still in the measuring cup, place it in the pot and fill the pot with water. Place the pot on the stove, and turn the stove on medium heat. Keep the pot on the stove until the soap is paste like. Once it has reached this texture, remove it from the heat.

This is when you will add your scents and color if you decide to. You can use vegetable dye or soap dye for color. For scent you can use perfume or special liquid scents for soap. Or scent and color naturally with orange peals, lavender, or oatmeal. This is your chance to personalize your soap.

Now you will add the cord. Nylon rope or plastic rope is the best because it will not disintegrate in water. Take your rope and loop it so that the ends touch and tie a knot. This will allow it to be able to hang in the shower. The soap should be pliable, like clay, so you can shape the soap around the rope so that the rope is in the center.

The final step is to shape your soap. You can either shape your soap with your hands and set it aside to dry, or you can place your soap in a mold. You can purchase a soap mold, but any mold will do. Your soap can be molded into almost any shape. There are hundreds of possibilities. Once your soap is shaped, allow it to dry. This step requires patience; it can take up to a week for it to dry.

When your soap is dry it is ready to use or give as a gift. Never again will you have to chase your soap around the shower.


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