How To Make Sofa Cushions

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Stains make cushion covers look dingy and disgusting, and the stuffing inside of sofa cushions eventually wears out, often times before the rest of the sofa. Finding replacement cushions may be an impossible task for an old sofa when the easiest solution to this dilemma is to simply make new sofa cushions by using the old cushions as patterns.

Step One
Measure the thickness of your old sofa cushions and purchase a foam cushion insert in the same or approximate thickness. Try to use the same type of foam in order to ease your transition to the new cushions, or look for hypoallergenic foams or higher quality foams that will last longer.

Step Two
Cut the new foam piece into the shapes you need to make your new sofa cushion inserts. Thick foam pieces are easier to cut if an electric carving knife is available; scissors are awkward when attempting to cut thick foam, even if the foam gives way and collapses under light pressure.

Step Three
Wrap the new foam sofa cushion inserts in several layers of cheese cloth to hold the foam together so that it does not break or crumble after excessive use.

Step Four

Find a new fabric covering for the sofa cushions. Find a material pattern that identically matches the pattern on your sofa or a pattern or solid color and texture that compliments the upholstery on the rest of the sofa.

Step Five
Remove the covers from the old sofa cushions and lay the covers flat. Use the old covers to help you cut out a pattern for the new covers; remember to allow for the thickness of the cushions and the seams when cutting the fabric.

Step Six
Sew the pieces of the new sofa cushion cover together. Use safety pins to hold the pieces together as you sew and remember to sew with the printed or textured sides of the fabric facing inwards

Step Seven
Leave one end open on each cover to slide the new foam inserts into place. Sew a long zipper into this opening so you can easily remove and launder the covers.

Step Eight
Turn the cushion covers right side out and slide the foam inserts into the new covers then zip closed and place the cushions on the sofa.
Prolong the life or your handmade sofa cushions by treating stains immediately and appropriately. Remove covers one a month for laundering and flip the cushions to prevent one side from becoming dingy before the other and to prolong the life of the foam insert. Another great tip for sofa cushion care is to wash the foam inserts in bleach and water dilution to remove odors and kill dust mites.


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