How To Make Speeches Persuasive

Making a speech is easy. Making speeches that are persuasive is a different thing altogether. Here are some things you could do to make a speech influence an audience to do or think the way you want them to:

  1. Grab their attention. Think of creative things to say to make your audience pay attention to you. Ask them something that they would think about. Mention an idea that would make them dream. Please their imaginations by relating an interesting story about things they like to hear about. Try some humor. This is the first and most crucial step in which they will decide whether to listen to you or not.

  2. Make them want to listen. People would like to do other things than lend you an ear, so tell them what they could get out of listening to you. Tell them how the information you are about to tell them would benefit them in any way. Show that you could satisfy their hunger for knowledge. Demonstrate that you could deliver your speech in a deliciously entertaining way. Point out the fact that what you are saying is practical and they would be able to use it to improve their lives or help save the world. Research the background of your audience and find out the things that they need and mention it in your speech.

  3. Make them want to believe you. Present a credible image to your audience so that they would keep an open mind and consider what you are saying. Mention your credentials and experiences briefly and make your description about yourself exciting enough to make them want to hear the rest of your speech. Tell about your trustworthy sources to assure them that you are not telling them lies.

  4. Make use of persuasive body language. When people listen to persuasive speeches, they don't only listen, they also look. That's why you must make sure that you look like someone that is worthy enough of being listened to. Body language speaks volumes about who you are and what you know, so be confident and sure of what you are saying. It will naturally flow out to your actions and influence your listeners.

  5. Deliver your speech in the right tones and volumes. Never speak in a monotone unless you want to put your audience to sleep. Develop a speaking voice that is pleasant to hear and allows people to feel the mood of what you are saying. The way you speak can make or break your speech.

  6. Reach out to your audience. You could do this by touching aspects of them such as their needs, their wishes, their goals, their curiosity, their beliefs, their work, their lives and their habits. Satisfy their intellectual as well as emotional needs. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel fear or hope; touch their hearts and you can persuade them. Give them direction and things they could do to satisfy a need.

Persuasive speeches are easy if you know what you're talking about, and you know how to tell it in such a way that the audience would see it just the way you do.


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