How To Make a Stained Glass Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is one of those ingenious things that never fail to dazzle. It is like an old-fashioned telescope, but it can put a hue and even mix colors in your view. The good thing is that making a stained-glass kaleidoscope can be done by anyone old enough to work with tools. Here are the steps you must know to construct your own eye-teasing kaleidoscope.

  1. Prepare the materials. The materials needed are: PVC pipe or any hollow and long cylinder with about one to two inches diameter, mirror/s, sandpaper, papers or tissue as stuffing, glass, glasscutter, cardboard, scissors, glue, duct tape, stained glass of different colors, and rubber band.
  2. Cut the mirrors into three equal parts. Cut them into triangles with one and a half inch length per side. This will comprise the kaleidoscope’s lens. You can cut them yourself using a little saw. Do this very carefully because exerting much pressure and hastening the cutting job can ruin the mirrors or even break them into pieces. After cutting them up, smoothen the edges using sandpaper. Do not overdo this because you may alter the mirror’s size considerably.
  3. Tape the mirrors. Stick them up in a way that they will create a triangular pyramid (without a base) with the mirror side in the inside and the opaque side on the outside. You will notice that it is practically hard to do this. To solve this, use rubber bands to put the mirrors into place and stuffing tissue paper inside. After making them relatively stable, gently and carefully tape them together using duct tape.
  4. Stick the mirrors into the pipe. Once you are sure that the lens can be put inside the PVC pipe and can be secured, put it into approximately the middle part of the pipe.
  5. Create a circle cardboard about the same diameter as the PVC pipe. Make a small hole in the middle. Stick this circle cardboard to the one end of the pipe with glue. Let dry.
  6. Cut out two glass circles. Use a glasscutter to do this. You may also ask the hardware store to cut them for you. The size of the glass circles must be about the size of the PVC pipe.
  7. Make a cardboard cylinder. Cut out about 1 inch of cardboard and stick both ends with glue. Let it dry. After it dries, stick it to one of the glass circles readied earlier.
  8. Place the stained glass in the cardboard cylinder. Put the stained glasses inside the cylinder, fitting them into place inside the cylinder. You can choose how to place them according to the desired effect. For example, you can choose to put a green stained glass before a blue one, creating greenish-bluish effect on the view. Nonetheless, leave room so that there will be space for the viewing eyepiece.
  9. Attach the cardboard cylinder into the covered end of the pipe. Secure the position by holding them with glue and duct tape. Once the wet parts had already dried and are apparently secure, you can now look through the other end of the pipe and enjoy the view of your new stained glass kaleidoscope.

You can decorate the outside of the scope by painting it yourself or embedding in beads or such. Nonetheless, do not put in too heavy things because they might ruin your kaleidoscope.


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