How To Make Stained Glass Mosaic Art

Stained glass mosaic has been an art form dating back several centuries ago. The history of stained glass art is very complex, from Byzantine times to Egyptian artifacts to England in 600 A.D. The art’s history transcends thousands of years and is still widely used today. It is formed from hundreds of pieces of stained glasses fit together. The colored glasses may be cut into any shape or sizes depending on the design. The glasses are used to set a design incorporating the glass color, shape and size. The effect when light hits the glasses is amazing, especially when the art represents a picture or theme.

Stained glass mosaic is moderately easy to create. Duration of the mosaic making depends upon the design and concept involved. You only need to exercise patience when doing the lay-out with the bits and pieces of the stained glass. Here are the basic steps into creating your own stained glass mosaic.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a stained glass or several pieces depending on your design. You will also need a towel, a hammer, a piece of wood to serve as your frame and a mounting hardware. You also have to prepare a mosaic tile grout, sandpaper, wet sponge and paint scraper. Glass scoring or cutting tool and pigment are optional.
  • Cut the glass pieces. You can start crossing lines at straight or diagonal angles on the stained glasses before cutting. This will form the glass pieces to be fit together afterwards. You may use the scoring tool if you want specific sizes with the glass. If you want geometric shapes, you can use a special glass nipper. The tool works like a set of pliers and snips off curved and random shapes. Another way is just to break the stained glass into hundreds of pieces. You can do this by wrapping your glass in a towel and breaking it gently with the hammer. Otherwise you can just purchase pre-cut pieces of stained glass mosaic to save time and effort.
  • Prepare the wood. Lay the wood frame upon a flat surface. If you are using your stained glass as part of a picture, then you must attach the mounting hardware at the back of the wood. You can attach a nail fixture or a picture wire at the back. Make the wood surface smooth by sanding off the surface.
  • Set your design. You can do almost anything with your stained glass pieces. That’s the great thing about glass mosaics. The designs are free hand and open to any changes. You can lay out your design either with random patterns or with a theme; it will be beautiful just the same.
  • Connecting the pieces. If you are using wood, apply mosaic tile grout onto the wood frame using a paint scraper. Gently press the stained glass pieces against the wood. Just continue pressing until the mosaic is finished. A helpful tip is to add color to your grout. You can achieve this by applying paint to the grout before you use it as glue. For those using a clear glass to showcase the glass mosaic, glue the stained pieces onto the clear glass. Wait for the stained glass to dry.
  • Apply another layer of grout. Apply another layer of grout on top of the glued stained glass. Ensure that all gaps are filled as well. Use the wet sponge to remove excess grout. The applied grout should be allowed to set completely. Let this dry overnight.
  • Finish the design. You may complete your design by adding other embellishments or borders. You can now frame your stained glass mosaic art.


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