How To Make Styrofoam Balls

Styrofoam is a common material in making crafts and ornaments. Depending on the occasion and project required, you may find yourself failing miserably in creating those perfect shapes if you don’t have any idea how to properly do it. One usual shape used for Styrofoam projects is a sphere which is most often called as “Styrofoam balls.” These can most often be bought from any art and craft stores in different sizes. But some people may prefer to make some pieces on their own for unique sizes that cannot be purchased from stores. If you want to try your hand on making Styrofoam balls, here are the few basic steps on how to do it.

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a block of Styrofoam, a serrated knife, a craft knife, a Styrofoam wonder cutter (this is optional), and sandpaper. These can all be easily purchased from a craft store for a few dollars or more if you’re vying for quality. You can also have a handy first aid kit nearby for accidental cuts you can get from carving.
  • Choose your preferred size. Cut the block of Styrofoam into chunks or smaller blocks, depending on the ball measurements you want. The diameter of your desired Styrofoam ball should dictate the length, height, and width of the block. The diameter is the length passing through the sphere from edge to edge. All the measurements mentioned above should be the same as the diameter of the ball. You may use a Styrofoam wonder cutter or a fine-toothed saw for this. These cutting materials will make the carving much easier.
  • Cut and carve the Styrofoam. Start by cutting off the corners and sides of the Styrofoam cubes. You can use your serrated knife for this or a small fine-toothed saw. Be extra careful when doing this to prevent any injuries. Keep in mind the desired diameter and work slowly to ensure you have your preferred size. As you slowly begin to form the rough shape of the Styrofoam ball, you may want to switch your serrated knife with a craft knife for a more detailed work. This will give a smoother cut making it easier for sanding later.
  • Make the Styrofoam ball. When you have your desired size and shape, get your sandpaper and sand your Styrofoam ball. This will even out the rough shape for a smooth surface. Be sure to apply just the right amount of pressure when doing this. Application of too much pressure may cast off more Styrofoam and ruin the shape of your ball. If this happens, you may find yourself troubleshooting or doing the procedure all over again.

After making different sizes of Styrofoam balls, you may now use them for various crafts and projects. You can paint and decorate them according to your liking. Different ornaments require several sizes of Styrofoam balls for a more creative look. Always remember to add some stash of patience when carving out Styrofoam shapes. It requires some detailed work and a slowly-but-surely pacing to have good results.


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